Health Q&A: June 11, 2018

2:40 Question : Hi Doc, at first, I've to repeat to Thank you for all the teachings. We have learned so much about the ability of the human body to correct the damage done by lack of medical nutrition. We learned recently from an interview (Dr. Stephanie Seneff, MIT) that almost all crops are sprayed upon with Glyphosate to easy up the harvest with those gigantic harvesters. Based on that, I consider it almost impossible to avoid Glyphosate. She found in her research that Glyphosate mimics the Amino Acid Glycin and with that the body is not able to detect it and use it to build proteins with it in many different places. What product would you suggest to have an almost constant defense against that EVIL!

6:30 I heard a long time ago that biopsies could spread cancer cells, is this true? 
P.S I've heard you say that skin conditions are often caused by the body trying to expel toxins out of the body through the skin, can you explain this more? Why does this result in skin issues?

12:00 Question : Cholesterol 269, triglycerides 124, HDL 51, LDL 193. Listened to your cholesterol webinar, have products in hand but hesitant to start regimen because Good Herbs Heart Support has Hawthorne in it & currently take high blood pressure medication Lisinopril 10MG daily. Is is true that he can't take Hawthorne while take high blood pressure medication?

18:00 Question : There is a non-Youngevity product call Body Balance which contains sea vegetables. If spinach is high in phytates are you aware of sea vegetables being the same? They are all dark, leafy and green. Is there any way to determine (short of a list) which foods would be high in phytates? Since phytates help a plant store Phosphorus would the Phosphorus content of a plant be a clue?

19:40 Question : A friend's adult son has great difficulty urinating. Apparently it's not his prostate but he thinks it may be due to scar tissue resulting from clamidia, an STD. Besides eliminating the 12 bad foods and supplementing with the 90, is there anything else he could take or do that might help? Thanks.

22:30 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, On your 2nd Homeopathy Webinar you have a slide of a black book I believe is a proving book, what is the title of it? You also mentioned that there is an electronic version of it! Is that something I can buy or it's only sold to Doctors?

25:20 Question : Hi, Doc. What is the difference between Projoba Omega and EFAs and when do you choose one over the other?

26:20 Question : Hi Doc. What causes appendicitis?

29:50 Hey Doc. A couple of weeks ago you recommended mesocopper and HGH youth complex for my pronounced and sometimes knotty veins. I got both. The suggested serving for the copper is 1 tablespoon, and 6 HGH at bedtime. I weigh 150. I was thinking of taking 2 TBSP a day of the copper for a month then dropping to 1 indefinitely after that. What do you think, and how many HGH at bedtime? Thanks!! Saw Solo in a theater with only two other people. Thought about you. Did you go see it yet in an empty theater?! Also, you reference your webinar on colon hydrotherapy in your book and during another webinar, but I can't find it. I've asked and your office isn't sure either. Do you remember what that webinar is called, or is it contained within another one

32:30 Question : blood pressure issues 160/89 . 6' 3" @ 225lbs . i have been taken the healthy starter pack for almost a year but no lower blood pressure. i am not sure if i am taking it right. do try to eat gluten free.

35:15 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden! Love your is a godsend! I shared your eye webinar with my Dad who has high BP, A-Fib, and most recently wet macular degeneration. He is on a fixed income 76 yrs old 170# 5-6. Two weeks ago he lost vision in one eye due to MD. They want to poke him in the eye with an AVASTIN shot (to halt abnormal blood vessel growth) @ $2,000/shot every month. I've been listening to you long enough to know this is INSANITY! Please explain why it won't work & what will. Thanks!

40:50 Can you repeat/ work towards getting him off the lisinoprol, he should try "ONLY ONE" at a time of the 3 programs that you posted above. When one does not work, try the next one. But don't take all 3 simultaneously.

44:00 Question : Hi Dr. G As I have gotten older and older my skin is getting thinner and bruising is getting to be a problem. Is there anything I should add to the 90 for life and added plant derived minerals?

45:40 Question : anxiety/panic attacks a friend of mine has been increasingly in a high state of anxiety. I gave him a bottle of osteo fx plus some standard process b vitamins. he got better . any other suggestions?

48:00 Question : Hello Dr. G, What could contribute to the popping and/or cracking of joints? If it occurs on a regular basis (primarily involving arms, legs, fingers and toes), and seems to provide relief from joint discomfort instead of causing pain, is this an indication of a serious condition? Dehydration is not a concern. Also, when might it be more advantageous to use a supplement where the amount of magnesium exceeds the amount of calcium 2 to1? Thanks!