Morning Q&A: June 13, 2018

2:00 Question : Hey Dr. Glidden: Coconut is listed as being high in phytates and I was wondering if that includes Coconut Cream in a can? I use this in my coffee so should I wait to take my 90?

3:05 Question : Hey, Doctor G: Thanks for the video on the efas. Eye opener. So, I really don't like eggs. Only omlettes and scrambled. I always cook them too much. Can't stand them runny. Is there anything I can substitute for eggs?

5:00 Question : Good day Dr. G. I hope you are having an enjoyable day. I watched a video on YouTube where you talked about hepatitis C. You discussed that you had a patient who had remarkable results following your recommendations. I wanted to get your insight for a loved one of mine who has hepatitis C. She has experienced really good results overall since taking the 90. I believe she has been able to stop taking over at least 10 different medications...lost a lot of weight...and is so much better. She went to her doctor's office recently and although her liver enzymes and viral load are just slightly elevated...they did discuss the Hep. C drug Harvoni with her. This is the drug that supposedly has a nearly 100 percent cure rate for Hep C. Apparently, the drug is now affordable but the side-effects were described to her as being similar to chemotherapy. She is supposed to have a GI specialist appointment in the future to figure out what to do. She wanted me to contact you for your insight. Also, other than the you have any other recommendations for this situation. She is about 5'8" and weighs about 160-165 or so. Thanks for your time Dr. G!


9:45 Question : Hi Doc, I have followed your instructions over the last 7 months as best I could with limited finances and I have come a long way in healing my body BUT I'm not there yet and the last instructions I didn't follow completely - namely I upped my projoba omega to 5 three times a day which stopped my wheezing the very first day SO I didn't order the ultimate enzymes like you instructed ( I have my gallbladder) but I have continued the 15 PO a day. My wheezing is completely gone and my feet/toes

11:04 are much better but now the last few days I am having stomach trouble,I have this nauseaous feeling and stomach swells when I eat anything and my appetite is gone. also my sciatic pain has switched from my feet/legs to my lower back and left abdomen. Help me please!!!

11:05 Most days I feel really good but I still have bad days and today is one of them!

12:40 Question : good morning Dr. G. would like to ask if you can do a webinar on the appendix? love to here your view point on it. Thanks also enjoy the podcast keep up the good work.

14:00 I don't do much dairy either with my diabetes. But I'll figure something out. Stick of butter every day...

14:20 Question : Morning! I have a tiny 2 # dog with cleft palate. He drinks out of water bottle with stainless steel ball tip. Want to put colloidal silver in w/bottle, do I have to worry about a reaction with stainless steel and the silver? Also is their a place you can buy naturethroid with out a prescription? I know my thyroid is off. Don’t care to go to a doctor. Can I get a link for where to have tests ran that I have heard you talk about. Thank you.

17:00 Question : Hi dr g. Your book attempt a cure has help me a lot in understanding how to get to the other side with medical nutrition. When the Spanish version of your book is coming out. Also what is the recommended dose for yougevity projoint thanks

20:10 Question : A Friend, began with joint issues and muscle pain. Doctor recommended replacing shoulder. Instead took healthy start pack and selenium for a few months, improved noticeably, regained motion of shoulder and experienced loss of pain. Subsequently then experienced bites suspected to be mosquito possibly spider, most likely mosquito as the source was identified and eliminated. They treated themselves with topical Benadryl patches and started experiencing assorted pain in bite areas joint pain etc

21:50 Switching to another subject, what are your thoughts on intermittent fasting, especially for T2 diabetics?

23:23 Hello again, Would it be beneficial to up my intake of Omega 6 fatty acids as a part of a resistance training program since that involves breaking down and then building muscle tissue?