Health Q&A: June 18, 2018

1:05 Question : Hi Dr Glidden. I have a two question the first one is.. for a person who doesnt have a gallblader does it needs enzyme to digest vitamin D. second is does pain is also a sign of healing? my mother in law has arthritis pain and she is taking the supplements Btt2.0 beyond osteo fx projoba omega and glucogel acording to body weight.. since she started taking it her arthritis pain has increase.. does pain is a sign of healing or there is something wrong. please help thank in advance

4:10 Question : Hello Doc, I wanted your opinion please on gluten enzymes and the so called "Ancient Wheat?" Are they worthwhile or is it all hype?

6:20 Question : Hi doc hope you're doing well. My son has had serious bipolar from his youth starting around four years old he is now 33 and he has been on some serious meds for this for the last 10 years. It's so hard to get him to be consistent with avoiding bad foods however if he could what would be a protocol for him he's about 205 pounds and 5'10" thanks

8:25 Question : Dr. Glidden, I have been using a rebounder and I have read that it's a good way to detox the lymph system. Have you any plans to present a webinar on the lymph system? Also, I got the book on Orgone accumulation and I plan on building one, I will keep you posted. You had mentioned that my neighbors may think I'm crazy if they see me building this - - - too late.

10:25 Question : Hey Dr. G. I hope you are having a blessed one. I was able to hang out with my 4 month-old niece this weekend. I am impressed how she is doing. She is the first baby in our family whose mother had been supplementing with the 90 during most of the pregnancy. She truly is advanced for her age, and it's a great testimony to the power of medical nutrition. My four month old niece is transitioning from formula to solid food. She is eating things such as organic sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. Would there be any reason to not start adding poached eggs or soft scrambled eggs/butter into the diet? I ask because it would be great to see her get more amino acids, fatty acids, calories, etc. from a source such as this instead of the less-than-optimal baby formula most kids are on these days. She is currently supplementing with the 90 but I wanted to get your insight on this as well as other ideas you may have for foods to introduce. Thanks Dr. G!

12:55 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I recently had another stroke which has left me with impaired depth perception and inability to drive. I am 72 yrs. old and 150 lbs. I take Tangy Tangerine 3 scoops/ day, Ultimate Osteo FX 1 oz/day, Natures Pearl Anrioxidant 3/day, Plant derived minerals 1 oz/day, Selenium 3 caps/day. I also eat 8 or 9 eggs a day. Should I add anything to this?

15:45 Question : What info would you suggest we send a gal with tumors on her thyroid. she's worried they may be cancerous as the Dr. told her she has to come in for the test results. One of the tumors where benign but she wants to know what to do if the other one turns out to be cancerous. She wants to go the natural route.

19:15 Question : Good night. How do You treat sinusitis. I had a bad bout recently and they are still dripping occasionally

21:15 Question : Hi Dr G, What is your remedy for what appears to be either food poisoning or side effects from exceeding the recommended dosage of supplements? The body has already purged itself (in every way imaginable) of the toxins. What foods and/or supplements do you recommend to expedite the healing process? What foods should be avoided? Thanks!

24:10 Question : my 89 year old mother has had her ascending colon removed due to a blockage(tumor-adeno carcinoma) I would like to help her immune system resist the spread. She is in hospice (at home).Other than the basics (minimizing 12 bad foods,osteo tx,selenium.tangy t,eras,fresh veg juice any other ideas to improve the quality of her life

26:40 Question : Good evening Doc, How would you describe the differences between Plant Derived Minerals and ionic trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake with respect to bioavailability and overall effectiveness. Thank you.

30:20 Question : Hi! I have Diabetes 2,Ulcerativ C., High BP, diagnosed depression. Weekend hot. Slight rash on arms, hot skin, not sweating, nauseous (was better after eating). For 2 days all I could do was sip chicken broth with just a little bone broth and add a few pieces of chicken. Took products saturday, Sun took fewer. No Projoba Sun. Cooler today, Skin better, but stil nauseous. Now I have full blown diarrhea. Help.  Also, my blood suagars are in the mid 200's most of the time. Never below 200. I'm upping insulin to dr scripted 33 units. I can't afford too much more insulin or products for 200 lbs. Next month only one. Osteo, BTT, projoba, sweeties. And now sensitivity to heat. Suggestions?

36:36 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, Last week you had a concern because I am reading into the Homeopathic medicine, I wanted to tell you that it is for myself, I am reaching the big 50 soon and I don't take prescription drugs for anything but I'm not 18 anymore and I do a lot of heavy lifting at work and sometimes I discover muscles in places I did not knew I had! By the way, good haircut! I wanted to send you a video of my dad on his walker, the before on a wheel chair almost dead, and my dad now moving faster than me walking! Again YOU ARE THE MAN, You reversed his dementia!!!

40:50 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, Lew from Miami. Need some insight to May Thurner Syndrome. And primary haematospermia. Both cause and protocol would be greatly appreciated. Where do you get the silver. I don’t see it in the store anymore?

48:40 Question : I am currently 31, I am 15 weeks pregnant w/ our 2nd and was told that my placenta is on my cervix. Dr. says if it stays there I will have to have a c-section. So my questions are. 1. What age would you recommend to stop having children for women? 2. What can I do to help my placenta stay attached to the expanding uterus so it doesn’t stay where it is? 3. What truly causes the placenta to place itself somewhere typically known to endanger both mom and baby?

52:52 Question : Dr. Glidden, for the last 4 days I have woken up with back pain in the area of the kidneys. The pain diminishes after a few hours and after taking my supplements. I have no other symptoms associated with a kidney infection or stone. Would you recommend adding glucogel as well or taking something for a "kidney infection"? Homeopathic? Oregano oil?

55:20 Doc. Every time they add someone to the prayer list at church because they’ve started chemo or radiation or they’re having surgery for a tumor, I want to do two things: One, I want to scream at the medical system that acts like there are no alternatives to drugs and surgery; two, I want to announce that there are holistic treatments that are much more effective than poison and cutting someone up, but being in a town of 500, that would go over like a lovely lead balloon. Bloody white coat syndrome. If I suspect I have a sluggish thyroid, do I need to avoid cruciferous vegetables?

59:05 Question : What supplements and essentials oils may be good for sickle cell disease

1:03:34 Question : How does one support the body with a diagnosis of CRPS? Young woman 40 years old. Also has had heart surgery.