Morning Q&A: June 20, 2018

2:05 Question : My sister has been dealing with bursitis that goes from one hip to the other & 1 of her toes is eaten up with osteoarthritis and is non-functioning. She even trips over it sometimes. I also told you recently that her doc told her not to take calcium after I suggested it to her because she has kidney stones (STUPID). She is here now because I want her to hear it directly from you. I told her to remove the 12 bad foods and take the 90, but what does she need in addition to this for the bursitis. I also want to thank you for the 5 Laws of Homeopathy webinar. It is one of my favorites so far! You are awesome Dr G!!!

18:18 Question : Hello! T2-diabetes, Ulcerative C, Depression, anxiety(undiagnosed),A-fib?(ablaction). Neuropaty in feet. Problems w/ heat. Doing ProJ's each 1 1/2 hours.Turns out I have UTI. Sulfameethoxazole. Feel better still queasySkin not hot, but still warm. But I feel cold(weather).Might be starting to sweat, skin slightly clammy in crook of arm. Is that sweat? Have metallic taste in my mouth. 90+ProJ, Sweet Eze.Pdms,UTI causing any of this? I'm afraid of the hot week coming up. Suggestions? More... Prob need Probios? I have some Digest FX on hand. Havent' had to take it lately. Thanks. Sorry for taking so much time.

24:15 Question : Nelda recently moved to FL and is not sure why she is getting Rosecea. She also has Grover Disease and doesn't know what to do for it wholistically, as she feels the drugs may be causing the Rosecea. Thank you.

28:10 Question : Hello Dr. G my nephew's 8 year old son weighs 63 lbs and is 4'3". He has a little larger than a pea size growth at the base of his skull which feels hard to the touch. He is experiencing severe migraines on an average of 2-3 times a week. Sometimes the migraines trigger vomiting. My nephew would like to know what he could do to get him on the road to recovery. Thanks and God Bless. Imogene

35:10 Question : Found website for lab tests, thank you! Should I do the full panel for thyroid so they don’t send me back for more tests being I am dependent on the doctor to get my hands on the naturethyroid meds?