Health Q&A: June 25, 2018

Question : Hello Dr, what is a good remedy for red eyes in the morning?

8:50 I'm 62 years old weigh 165 Lbs. For the last 2 weeks I am regularly taking BTT 2.0, 8 BTT tablets, selenium 9 tablets daily. Last week through a C/T scan I was diagnosed with a 'SOLID EXOPHYTIC ENHANCING MASS IN THE LOWER POLE LEFT KIDNEY MEASURING 2.8CM.' The urologist is sending me for a biopsy. My question is in this case is a biopsy necessary or would you suggest any other supplements?

I'm 38 years old, I weigh 130Lbs. 2 months ago I got a rash all over my body, 2 days later I got a high fever that lasted 3 days and the 2nd day of the fever I noticed a few swollen lymph nodes. From a biopsy taken from my thigh the result showed Vasculitis and that it was viral. For now I am feeling good everything is back to normal except for the swollen lymph nodes on my neck. For 2 months now I am taking BTT 2.0 2 scoops... 1 ounce of Pland Derived Minerals... 6 Selenium pills... and for 2 months I have been taking 'Lymphatic Health'. Would you suggest a biopsy for my Lymph Nodes or is there any other way with supplements?

13:30 Question : Hey doc. What causes pelvic floor dysfunction and what remedy do you reccommend.

15:40 Question : Dear Doc, my son has a bad case of pilonidal disease and he has had surgery once already about 4 years ago. It has now come back in full force and he is having surgery again tonight. Is there anything he can do to break this vicious cycle. I have read some on it but there does not seem to be much hope. Thanks so much and will look forward to anything you can share.

18:40 Question : Hey, Doc. Type2-D, ulcerative colitis, epression,anxiety,A-fib?(had ablation).
Neuropathy in feet. One of my drugs is venlafaxine. Doing Projobas 4, 3x/day. Finished antibiotic on Sat nite from UTI. Appetite and bowels are better. Still not sweating and heat wave coming this weekend. I'll be alone here and I'm pretty scared. Skin feels hot, but I feel cold when cool air hits my skin. It's very uncomfortable. I heard several suggestions including z-rad. Can't get til next week anyway, but it's a thought. Where do I go from here? Money tight. Thanks in advance.

20:20 Question : I have been on the basic 90 nutrients for 2 months,and it has really helped my hip arthritis, I have a problem with nasal polyps especially on the left side so bad my Left nare is completely blocked.I thought I cured it over the winter when i started drinking green smoothies and it got so much better, but this spring in Florida I think the pollen or maybe my new carpet and flooring or something has brought it back with a vengeance. What can I do? thanks

20:20 Question : Hey Dr. G. Hope you are well. My sister says she is willing to try 1 product. $ is an issue because she is not fully convinced...yet. What would pack the most punch...the plant derived minerals or the original BTT? She has digestive issues so I fear the original BTT may not work for her. What do you suggest? She says she has removed gluten from her diet.

20:03 Did they do anything different with the original BTT formula other than remove the plant derived minerals?

25:00Question : Hello Dr. G, If a person has a heavy metal toxicity, are there certain foods, like those high in iron, and some supplements that should be avoided during the detox period? Are Plant Derived Minerals still safe to take during the cleansing process? Thanks!

32:55 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, yes I'm from Hawaii lol. I was just wondering how many oz of Osteo Calcium and Plant Mineral I need to take daily? I am pregnant and breastfeeding my daughter and am 125 lbs. Also one of the 12 bad foods is soy. Projoba has soy. Is it ok to take?

35:25 Question : Friend, has been put on Eliquis (for a Fib) for life. Her doctor said to stop fish oil as it can cause blood to thin too much. What are your thoughts doc.?

38:48 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, Thank you so much for the book! Holy smokes, this is an interesting puzzle to put together. Also thanks for the coffee mug, I was not expecting it. Doc whats the normal range of A1C in a human being?

40:50 Question : I don't know about this guy. Personally, I wouldn't dignify his misbehavior by responding to him. He is likely to think he has gotten to you and will feel encouraged to continue. Ignore him. Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.î 
Mark Twain

Question : I once saw a lecture that included a map of the US and it showed where in the country Selinium was prominent. I thought that this was one of your lectures but I'm not sure. If so, where can I find this info? Thanks.

43:43 My 33 y.o. daughter has h/o sensitive tooth. Went on vacation and didnít take liquid Ca+. The sensitivity increased to acute toothache. Went to dentist today. Given script for prednisone-has not swallowed any yet. Was told if not better in 3 days will need a root canal. Wonders if there are natural alternatives. Pain is acute ñ tooth is sensitive to cold, etc.

46:46 Question : Hi Dr G love this venue. can we talk about alcoholism? I would like to provide some hope to my brother. Thank you. thanks so much. his cyst is on his tail bone and so painful I am ordering and sending him these products as we speak He is 35 and dose not live at home anymore. Thank you so much for your podcast. i found you on you tube so I hope you do not have to go off of it for any reason.

52:42 Question : Friend Dave 81, 6í-4î, 204 # diagnosed Myelodysplastic Syndromes 5 Q deletion with Anemia,unspecified type, and Leukopenia, unspecified type. 1 and 2 mo checkups scheduled. He cut out the 12 bad foods and has taken for several months: 1 Ultimate Classic, 1 Beyond Osteo-fx Liquid, 2 Plant Derived Minerals, 1 Projoba Omega, 1 Selenium, 1 XeraTest, and other Great Lakes Collagen (16 oz), Tumeric, Co- q10, B Complex, Zinc, and Magnesium. Recommendations? Thanks DR G!

55:00  Question : Have you heard of the Pure Herbs, LTD dietary supplement HME-H for heavy metal removal?