Morning Q&A: June 27, 2018

2:50 Question : Hey, Doc. Type2-D, ulcerative colitis, depression(diagnosed),anxiety(not diagnosed),A-fib?(had ablation). Neuropathy in feet. One of my drugs is venlafaxine. Problems w/ heat over weekend. Doing Projobas 4, 3x/day. Still not sweating and heat wave coming this weekend. A scary thing for me. During the night I'm up to pee a lot. I have to cover with a blanket. Skin still hot while I feel cold. When I wake up, I'm having pretty bad cramps. Worse than I used to have. I have lots of anxiety, so I don’t fall asleep easily. You said 50g protein a day. I haven't been able to do more than about 30g. I just don't eat that much. I've noticed my appetite subsiding since I started with just the Btt tabs in Jan. That's a good thing, I think, because now my BSs are in the 150's instead of 250's. Before YGY I was a compulsive over eater. I eat a small portion of meat, about 100g by weight, and a few veggies, raw or cooked. Water to drink. That's about it except for my drinks in the am with the minerals and greens. I'm just not hungry. I've lost a few pounds, too. Are you ok with the eating thing?

6:00 I just watched the webinar on Blood Pressure. When measuring Blood Pressure do I do it 3 times consecutively in one sitting or does 3 times mean once per day for three days?
Question#2 (if allowed?) What do you think of using the coconut oil in the one gallon bottle from Costco for a skin moisturizer?

9:00 Question : 56 year old lady. 5 feet 3 inches tall. 160 lbs. Taking 90 For Life about 15 months. Still on 12 bad foods. Suffered a severe Upper Respiratory Infection in December 2017. Recovered after taking very strong antibiotics. She hasn't been quite herself since recovering. Now has another URI. Wet cough and congestion. Refuses to take any more antibiotics. What can she do to help herself fully recover?
thank you, Doctor!

16:00 Question : 6 yo fe w/recurrent UTIs. On Macrobid last 3yrs. Urologist states bladder is stretched+ she can hold 600mL urine w/o feeling need to void. Is incontinent. Has constipation. Was told if bladder can shrink–chance the ‘duplicated’ ureter running from lt kidney to bladder may no longer experience reflux. Off antibiotic for one week+ developed another UTI. Now on Cephalexin–will go back to maintenance antibiotic. Started Tangy Tang w/collagen; Aloe; I-glutamine, probiotics, enzymes, omega 3s + Mg+

20:00 Question : DR. G Having some skin issues due to mold that I found throughout the house. Did my due diligence and killed it all. The skin issue is getting better since adding the i26 and GH Antimicrobial support. I really feel alot better using the i26, was looking for the interview you did with the i26 guy. Where might I find it?

22:40 Question : Dr. G...I hope you are well. I know that CBD oil is not curative...rather it is managerial. As we is a safer alternative to the dangerous pharmaceuticals out there for various situations. With that being said...I wanted to ask you...what was it about Procana that caught your attention and to lead you to promote it? Specifically, what characteristics are you looking for to judge what makes a particular CBD company/product worthwhile? Thanks for your time! Have a blessed one!

24:10 Question : Good morning doc. I took out my neck and shoulder the other day. Been working with a chiropractor that is trained in applied kinesiology. He says that I have a lot of inflation in the muscle tissue and should be supplementing with anti-inflammatories. Would the best choice be to use is the good herbs product. Thanks keep up the good work

28.35 Question : Hey Dr. G, what causes toe nails to be yellow and the nails on big toes to narrow as they grow out past the toe? Also, do I need to add iodine to diet if using Real Salt? And, can white flour be gluten free?

31:00 Hey Doc. I am on the regimen you suggested, including mesocopper and Good Herbs respiratory support, and my lungs are doing great. I am still stuffed up all the time in my sinuses. Mayo clinic believes chronic sinusitis can be fungal; I do believe for several reasons that I have some fungus living in my sinuses. Is there anything homeopathic that can help clear this up?

35:15 Question : Hello! Healthy 25 year old male, I have a manual labor job and work out 5 days a week. I've seen my energy levels increase greatly using the healthy start park + gluco gel capsules and rebound fx powder for the last 3 months. I'm wondering if I should continue with this regimen forever or if there is a maintenance regimen that you recommend? Thanks!

39:30 Question : How prone are the plant derived minerals to oxidation? The bottle states that they will oxidize but that it does not affect their effectiveness. I thought all oxidation was bad. Would it help to vacuum seal any open bottle of the plant derived minerals? Is their Nitrogen in the unopened bottles to mitigate any free radical formation?

44:44 Question : Last two years no sleep, 37 doctors. when i lie down heart flutters keep from sleeping yet doctors say heart is fine yet symptoms are real. when i get up flutter go away. Help I am female and 63 years old I am with a chiropractor, helps a little

50:00 Question : Doc, I recently discovered that the Udi bread contains canola oil and when I called in, they could not provide prove for an organic source our new source now is BFree from Costco

51:15 Question : Greetings Doc; Late to lunch break... What would you guess could be causing a mild rash which manifests only on the back and sides roughly where the skin covers the kidneys. Thank you.