Health Q&A: June 4, 2018

4:40 Are tanning beds bad for your health?

7:? Regarding CoQ10, is it beneficial to take it if I am taking the 90, Selenium, and every other month doing a different Good Herbs for added support? I do not want to be redundant on Vit/minerals. And, is Vital Nutrients CoQ10 better then Youngevity’s or vice versa? I know Youngevity’s has Bioperine which aids in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor.  Thanks, your input is greatly appreciated.

10:25 I am working with a pleasant and retired 68-year-young woman with a background in nursing who has some health concerns. I would appreciate your assistance in helping her with a plan. If you would...could you make your recommendation based on the Ultimate Classic if possible? She expressed to me that the taste wasn't really important to her (and I provided some strategies to help the Ultimate Classic taste better). She is 5'3' and weighs 125 pounds. She has been a vegan for 11 months for multiple reasons. However...she is willing to take fish oil and gelatin in small amounts. She is open to making other dietary changes if recommended (such as including eggs for example). She has been dealing with the following issues...   

-Gum loss (receding gums). She even had a gum graft because of the severity of gum loss. She knows that this was not sufficient for the cause and wants to support her body naturally.
-Discoid Lupus (not systemic) (Does have skin abnormality on face which involves peeling of the skin/redness. This skin issue gets worse when in the sun).
-Spontaneous electrical movements since 2016 (even before becoming vegan). She describes this as spontaneous twitching (not cramps) which is general in nature and appears to get worse with rest.
-Arthritis which involves a deformed finger and pain in one of her shoulders.
-She does have some small areas of thin skin
-Some constipation/gas. It sounds like at the time I talked with her she is not gluten free but certainly seems open to making necessary changes. We talked about gluten free alternatives while on the phone and I will send her more info.
-She expressed concern about some memory impairment. She is concerned about possibly having the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. She doesn't take cholesterol-lowering drugs. Like I mentioned earlier...she sounds willing to make dietary changes if needed (such as inclusion of eggs for example).
-She also has been dealing with insomnia. She rarely sleeps more than 5 hours per night and never 5 hours straight. She wakes up 2 or 3 times during that 5 hours. She further clarifies that she has difficulty falling and staying asleep. She hasn't had any recent hemoglobin A1C test. She has been monitoring her blood sugar. From her report her fasting blood sugar doesn't reflect diabetes.
Thanks for your time Dr. G! Have a good night! By the way...I really liked the most recent Tactical Health Podcast. I personally know someone who was on Ambien who used to fry wash rags in a frying pan and make full course dinners all while sleep walking. A truly great example of modern medicine...this Ambien is. Anyway...have a blessed night!

15:40 Question : Can I give my babies flora in their bottle and how much? They are 7 lb preemies and have serious GERD with their cow’s milk formula. Pediatrician will not let me use different formula bc says it is for preemies. Can I give them osteo fx in their bottle also? Is there a better thing than the BTT 2.0 for infants with GERD. They are in pain and suffer with eating. I have had a milk supply issue bc I had a retained placenta after the birth and delayed hemorrhaging. They did a D&C and found o that I have placenta accreta where the placenta actually grew into the uterus. They say a hysterectomy may be the only solution and that I could continue to bleed indefinitely otherwise. WHAT CAN I DO?

19:30 Question : Hi Doc. My mom has a care giver that is a smoker. The care giver does not smoke in the house. But just due to the fact she is a smoker is that a potential health risk to my mom?

20:45 Question : Dr. G, Daughter 13yr old, Diagnosed T1 diabetic near 2yrs ago. On Youngevity+off bad foods 2 yrs. Trying New Suppl(2 w/3meals/day) basal dropped fr 42units to 32 in 7days. Pls look @ ingredients & advise if there might be anything to be concerned about (herbs?). 2 capsules=B7-600mcg Mg-50mg Zn-15mg Cr-134mcg banabaleaf50mg guggul100mg bittermelon100mg licoriceroot100mg cinnamonbark pwdr100mg gymnema sylvestre100mg yarrow flowers50mg juniperberry50mg whitemulberry50mg V-400mcg L-taurine50mg.

26:30 Question : If you eat a food high in phytates such as Brazil nuts but the common belief is that Brazil nuts are high in Selenium, how much Selenium and other minerals are you actually getting? Also, you sent me directions on using Natrum Carbonicum but Bufo Rama showed up in the middle of the instructions. Was this in error?

28:00 Question : Hello Dr. G! I have new kidney pain. feels like I am getting punched in the kidney. Not sure if relevant, but last week I went from liquid to powder calcium. Should I go back to liquid? Is this a kidney stone? How do I overcome before it gets to a 10 in pain? lol. Thanks for everything.

31:10 Question : Good evening Doctor Glidden, I picked up an interesting book called Organon of Medicine by Samuel Hahnemann, holy cow it's interesting and complicated at the same time! I picked up the Manganese, How many Mg's should I take daily?  It's too bad I can't attend to Wednesdays Q&A because of work schedule. 

34:10 Question : My friend Steven has Congestive Heart Failure for 8 years. He s using the HBSP. He takes the Good Herbs heart support 4 to 5 times a day. The trouble with his heart, is it doesn't stay calm enough, so my weakens. He takes Lisinopril 40mg now. Diuretics, blood pressure medications, swellings. He is tired of it. What can he do more to get off these meds? (And he says thank you for helping him save money!)

36:30 Question : Hi Dr. G, What would you recommend to be used in place of Good Herbs products? The alcohol and some of the other ingredients seem to aggravate a psoriatic arthritis condition. In particular, what would you recommend in place of Good Herbs Heart Support to avoid the alcohol and cayenne content? This was previously recommended by you to address a poor circulation problem.

39:00 Question : Hi Doc! My hair is falling out again! Started not long after I did the VN selenium awhile back, 6 a day. The only other change I made was go from the BTT to the 2.0 peach, both powder). I also stopped the youngevity selenium when starting VN ones. @ 55 Im always hot but thyroid problems is in our family. No cold feet or hands. I take the minerals, calcium EFAs. D stress. Now hair/s/&n. Not sure what happened to do this? HELP! Not getting copper w/VT. Im still working on the vain issue too. Than

40:55 Only Good News today. Awaiting my first shot at the 90. Dr appt: A1c decreased from 12.4 to 11.0 lost 15 lbs since Feb, BP lowered 108/68 (a first for me) Used 3 bottles PDMs and 1 Sweet Eze. Thanks to you and Doc W.

42:52 Question : • Friend Gary, 62, 5’ 11”, 196 lbs. Calcium Scoring CT Test 2/28/18; score 1145. 4/23/18, Heart Cath/Angioplasty. 3 nearly-100% blockages in (RCA) Stented.
• Drug additions: Plavix; Clopidogrel added for 1 year. Metoprolol to treat Aorta Aneurysm - at least 6 months.
• Gary researched videos (including 12 Bad Foods); began lifestyle change; will start nutrition for heart, joint pain, & prostrate.
• Gary is self-employed no Insurance; priority & costs are important. Thanks DR G!

44:54 Question : Dr. G. I had a subscriber to Youngevity cancel her order because a person who worked for the company a few years ago told her that Youngevity had so many orders they couldn’t keep up and resorted to getting supplies from China. Not sure what to tell her.

46:36 If there is time, Question #2: What would someone take in place of the Beyond Osteo Fx if it appears to cause joint inflammation, possibly due the natural coconut flavor; the person has an allergic reaction to all coconut products? How long has the Osteo Fx contained Tropical Vanilla flavoring?