Health Q&A: June 6, 2018

3:20 No question, just saying how much Youngevity and VitalNutrients have made my life better. I am back to kickboxing and running....with no pain.

10:20 Question : Hey Dr. Glidden...what a fresh breath of air it is to be on here with you all on my a break at my local allopathic, reductionistic hospital. I had a couple of questions for you. First of all...I've been working with some people with hypothyroidism. A similar question comes up. They are asking me if steaming cruciferous vegetables cancels out the negative effects which they have on thyroid function. I figured this idea was not true but wanted to ask. Would you share your insight on this? Also...would you be able to share your insight on experience you've had with any of your patients using cbd oil in the clinical setting. Thanks for your time Dr. G!

16:00 Question : Good morning Dr. Glidden , 1. How long does a person take killer biotic when they have rheumatoid arthritis? 2. My friends husband had brain surgery and they said he has multiple systems atrophy cerebellum. I guess it’s a form of Parkinson’s? After surgery he couldn’t swallow so he’s being fed through a tube. What could he take in addition to the BTT?

18:45 Question : Hi Dr. G. 2 Part Question: First Part: Our 27 yr old daughter, gave birth to first baby, 10 days later she had a grand mal seizure. Cat scan showed large brain tumor front left side that was surgically removed a week ago the size of a fist. There were several tumors that had to be left but are much smaller and slow growing. Tumors are believed to be benign and underlying cause seems to be meningiomas due to neurofibromatosis type 2. Pathology reports in soon. She has been recommended 3 Homeopathic meds that have been for post surgery recovery: Arnica Montana, Symphytum officinale and Hypericum perforatum (Boiron Brands for all three). Can you please provide feedback on these recommendations as it appears to conflict with the single remedy Law to take them simultaneously. Also are these all safe for breastfeeding? She is taking Siv-Levetiracetam (anti-convulsant) and Dexamethasone that she will be weaned off in 2 more days. She has been on the BTT 2.0 and Liquid Osteo but not much EFA during pregnancy. They recommend an MRI every 6 months to monitor the growth of the tumors. What can she do nutritionally and/or homeopathically to shrink the tumors or cure the disease? Is Synaptiv suggested? Thank you! She is also having bad joint pain, making it hard to walk which could be side affect of the Dexamethasone that she is being weaned off. Just not sure. 85 year old Dad in relatively good health, has pacemaker, just diagnosed with macular degeneration, protocol?

25:00 Having trouble getting my questions to show up. Not sure why. You advised me 3 weeks ago to start D Stress and Good Herbs Nerve support as I wean off Ativan. Feeling better. Should I stay on 1/2 mg and take every other day or go down to 1/4 mg daily? Thanks for your wisdom.

32:10 Question : Hi dr g my father in law has brain cancer. He is taking zradical and the 90 nutrients. The md put him on chemiotheraphy. And he is not allow to take vitamins A,C,E Selenium and antioxidants. I just want to know why they are prohibiting to take supplements. Thanks