Morning Q&A: July 10, 2018

2:30 Question : Hi Doc. Is lemonade sweetened with sugar safe?

5:05 Question : Is it acceptable to cook with an air fryer or are harmful substances still produced?

8:00 Question : DR G. While on vacation I had gotten a skin infection, was very concerned and went to the MD, he diagnosed it as Cellulitis and also having a fungal infection. This is nothing new to me Ive had the fungal infections before and they seem to reoccur. He Prescribed Cephalexin 500mg 7days and Nystatin for the fungal outbreak . I know the Antibiotics are like Napalm so what to do during the treatment? And How to keep Fungal outbreaks from reoccurring? Also TSA did not allow BTT and Osteo FX on plane Due to the canisters being swabbed and the machine alerting 31%, whatever that means. I know being in a strange environment and not having my supplements where a factor. Besides the strain of all the walking and trying to find decent food too. I was taking public transportation alot and may have been exposed to this bacteria. Does Blood sugar also affect fungal growth?

14:35 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I've talked to you about my strokes and have advised me on what supplements to take. ( I am taking everything ) I have peripheral vision loss in both eyes and wonder if there is anything specific that would help that. I am taking 6 soft boiled eggs daily and wonder if you agree with the baby ASA that the GP wants me to take. Please exuse my forgetfullness. In addition to the 90 for life, I am taking a supplement of Serrapeptazyme 120,000 units and magnesium Bisglycinate 600 mg.

18:32 Question : - [ ] I was told that I have congestive heart failure and an enlarged heart which would shrink if I get on strongest dose of ace inhibitors beta blockers, and diuretics! Heart Specialist (Which I saw only once) is encouraging me to get an angiogram to find out if I have angina (they can go thru the wrist now instead of leg) I am on no meds except low dose of beta blocker 2 times a day! I have decided to not go to my next appointment and let God, Youngevity, Herbs and this live chat group!

21:00 Question : My sister who had salivary gland stone & bought the BARYTA CARBONICA 30C. the stone is still there and large, the doctor still want to operate and she is saying no (Because the stone is very big, is there anything she needs to get the stone reduced?) also, she wants to avoid the operation, apart from argentyn and super olive health, what else can she use to dissolve the stone, can she continue to use the BARYTA CARBONICA 30C on a regular basis?

27:00 Question : Hello Doctor  After viewing all of your Videos I feel like I know you and you seem to be the man I need to answer these questions.  My brother has T-cell large granular lymphocyte (LGL) leukemia What should he do? And what would be the best supplement for his fatigue? I myself have Diabetes for the last 10 years I also need your opinion

30:35 Question : Uninsured, cost-sensitive Friend, Gary, 62, 5’11”, 190 lbs. Ca CT Test on 2/28/18: Score 1145. Heart Cath/Angioplasty on 4/23/18: 3 nearly-100% blockages in RCA; Stented. Aortic Aneurism. Arthritis. Prostrate: Frequent weak stream. Starting your 6/4/18 suggested lowest-cost Regimen (1 Tangy T, Osteo-FX 1 liquid & 1 pdr, 2 Minerals, 2 Projoba Ω). Wants to quit meds: Atorvastatin 40MG/day, Metoprolol 25 MG 2x/day, Plavix 75 MG/Day until 4/23/19. OK? Suggestions? Thanks Dr G!

35:00 Question : GM Dr. G! I’ve been taking Youngevity selenium for 4 yrs. The program healed my dilated cardiomyopathy! It took 3 yrs. I just switched to Vital Nitrients selenium. Is it better? It doesn’t have copper in it. Youngevity does. Which do I need to maintain heart health?

37:25 Question : Good morning, Doc. What does it mean when urine is bright yellow, particularly after taking BTT?

39:00 Question : Doc G: My husband has a history of kidney Stones and Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion. His viral count has been steadly down with beet juice and Liver Care. Is it ok for him to drink near beer related to his liver? And what is the difference between tangy tangerine powder and tablets and the ultimate classic? And osteo fx liquid and powder? Thanks a million for your kindness.

44:50Question : As an organic gardener I have found that one of the best fertilizers is urine mostly for its Nitrogen content. In your opinion, would my expensive urine contribute more to the plants than your average pee pee?