Health Q&A: July 16, 2018

3:15 Question : I have been trying to lose weight and have been taking my nutrients religiously but I still have terrible hunger. Is there anything natural to take to curb appetite?

7:20 Do we have to worry about meat and cheese that has small amounts of naturally occurring trans fat in it? P.S I just realized that my favorite yogurt has corn syrup in it. Would the amount in a small cup of yogurt be a problem if I eat it every day?

9:30 Question : Dr. G Last week you mentioned rubbing granulated sugar into bed sores. Why is sugar better than salt. Also would a paste of argenytn 23 and selenium work better or not?

11:30 Question : I recently injured my right ankle a few weeks ago by hitting it on the door frame. I still have light swelling around the ankle...and about 2 weeks ago I noticed swelling around the left ankle...I went to make sure I didn't have any clots - all clear...I have been increasing my water intake and taking my supplements and to no avail, I am still experiencing swelling with slight pain. I am 47 years old..and live in the midwest...very humid. I started taking Niacin - nothing. What else can I do?

14:10 Here's the update RA symptoms have decreased immensely, sometimes a little ache in my hands, but nothing like it was. I am down to 157 lbs My energy has increased My hair seems to be growing back from the areas that broke off Unfortunately, my varicose veins are right leg is a little swollen at the end of a work day (I'm a server, always on my feet) visually they look worse. Please your opinion on sclerotherapy for veins. Can you have more than one question?

Question for Sherry I have been battling severe anemia for years and came into hospital last night with hemaglobin of 6.1. I'm feeling better after a transfusion of 2 units of blood. I cannot take iron because it goes straight through me. So I have blood transfusions or iron infusions about once a year. I have also had severe diarrhea from taking patriot greens drink. I am anxious to get started on 90 for Life but wonder if there is a special type for someone with severe diarrhea problems.

20:20 Question : YOur 70 yr old girl from last week {osteoarthritis in knees and hips on protocol] What is your opinion on tumeric for inflammation. Had been using 750 mg CuraMed brand 2-3 per day. Didn't eliminate pain but of any benefit? PS ...I was brought on Y. by Unique Monique 2015. HUGS

22:30 Question : Hi Dr. G. I have a 71 year old freind with Rheumatoid Arthritis.She's on Methotrexate and hormone replacement therapy. Sent her your webinar on Auto-Immune Diseases and 12 Bad Foods. She's in a lot of pain and wondering if you could explain why? What would you recommend she take and what for the pain? Her name is Stephanie. Also thanks for recommending the book "Manifesto" by Colleen Huber. It's great. What is the difference between taking nutrients in intraveniously as opposed to taking in ours orally.

28:28 Question : Hey good night. Should women get screened for the HPV virus? Does this virus cause cancer?

29:50 Question : Hi Doc, again, many thanks for the great teachings and it is always great to learn a little more about the body's functions and how to support its ability to work correctly when given the "food" it needs. 2 things today. First I have a guest invited, Harry, with his son's diagnosis to ask for some advice, and secondly, I had never problems with those nasty grass bugs, until recently. Is it possible that a reduction of toxic stuff in the body makes me more "tasty" for these bugs, i.e. Chiggers, which suddenly start to attack me like crazy? Not sure if Harry made it possible to be here, he was interested in a protocol to support the body fighting high functional Autism (Aspergers, if I remember correct)

34:34 Question : Hello, Friend thinks they have pancreatitis. I didn't see the protocol in your book so I'm asking, what should he do? Thanks.

36:30 Question : Dr. Glidden my name is Willie from Detroit i'm a 52yr old man who has Arthritis in my hip due to bone spurs. what do you recommend, also what books do you recommend for better eating and juicing

40:25 Question : Hi Dr. G, Still looking for recommendation for supporting the body to rebuild a “bone-on-bone” knee joint. 5’9”, 55 yr old male. Not on the 90, yet. You had recommended black current seed oil, 100mg three times a day for 28 days only. The new Pro Joint formula. Is that one tab three times a day, or is that 2 tabs, 2 times a day? And you were looking at Flexicare Plus.
What are your recommendations?

42:50 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, my dad wanted me to send you his love and appreciation for what you have done for him and I personally run out of words to express my respect and admiration for everything you do for all of us. You are still THE MAN on my book.