Morning Q&A: July 18, 2018

5:15 Question : Hey Doc, my husband Jeff is ready to get on board with making lifestyle changes to better his health. Vitals: 5’9” 290#. New BP issue of 162/110. Prostate number is 4 and dr said he also has enlarged prostate. That info is from 6 months ago. Jeff is open to eliminating 12 bad foods. I gave him my bottle of Rev. what do you recommend? Thx! Loving patron. Michigan loves you!

15:35 Doc. Rife states to restoring health through the use of a Mortal Oscillatory Rate that is a precise frequency which destroys the micro-organism that causes disease. In the case of Cancer, it would be the BX-BY virus. Test have validated that in all Blood tests of Cancer patients, a pleomorphic bacteria virus is present. Your opinion Please. I would like to state that I hold you in the highest respect and admiration.

26:10 Good morning Doc. I started juicing the beats that I've been growing, which I also added the extra minerals in the soil. I never felt so full after drinking it. Is that a good thing? Also do you have any recommendations for a naturopathy doctor in the Rochester area or south east corner of MN. Thanks keep up the good work

34:20 Question : What can you do about bad breath? What could be the cause if it's not garlic? Ha-ha You are the BEST!  What are your thoughts about the ultimate enzymes & & flora vs digest fx?

35:55 Question : Hi Dr. G, please explain again difference between projoba omega and EFAs which come in start paks. Also, why do we need plant derived minerals plus BTT which has minerals. Also I think you've said that kids should take the efas?