Health Q&A: July 23, 2018

1:30 Question : I am fostering a 3 month old baby whose mother smoked and took drugs during pregnancy, Can you please help with a protocol to put him on and the exact dosage and how i actually would give it to him.. i.e... in his formula ??  He also took a seizure after his vaccination and ended up in hospital but we have no choice but to take him for his last set next week. What can we do to help him detox from vaccinations or products that he can take??

5:10 Question : Doc G: I have severe insomnia for 25 years and discoid lupus with multiple somewhat severe lesions since 1991. Does HGH youth complex help with both of these conditions? I am 69 and wt 125 lbs. What else should I take besides Projoba Omega, Ultimate Classic, Gluco Gel, I 26, and Selenium? Is it ok to take 3 or 4 of the good herbs at the same time? Or is it better to do only 1 at a time? For how long? Thanks a bunch; you are awesome!

8:15 These are the same seeds that were found in King Tut's tomb. They are said to cure everything except for death, LOL. What is your take on use of the essential oil pressed out of that seed for health benefits?

10:00 Question : When the directions for dosage is per 100 pounds of body weight is that actual body weight or ideal body weight? Also I’ve been fasting per your suggestion and I’m losing a pound per day. Should I cut back on my supplements for fear of overtaxing my liver which is trying to get rid of fat soluble toxins?

11:50 Question : 65 yo female w/melanoma. Started on YGY products 6 mo ago. With assist from MD, has stopped an antacid and a PPI. Working on weaning from BP meds. If you had melanoma, what would your supplement regimen be? Any other thoughts for those with melanoma?

13:20 Question : Hi Dr. G! A few things...I'm 47 years old and weigh 144 pounds...the swelling from last week has gone down a little...just seeing it move from the injured spot on the anklebone to the top of my feet...the Arnica Montana protocol did not I am taking 5-6 EFAs along with the Health Start Pack, 3 Selenium, Z-Radical, Joint FX and 1 oz of Cal-toddy...this is what I take daily for good nutrition. Also, can we take apple cider vinegar as a natural probiotic? Second question...what is a good resting heartbeat? Mine ebbs and flows when doing nothing between 76-90...when I am moving it gets up to 120 sometimes...but want to know what I should be aiming for and is there anything to take for good heart health...

17:10 Question : My knee started popping out of joint about three weeks ago. I take BTT, selenium, plant derived minerals, fucoidZ, ultimate daily. Started taking glucogel (4 per day). What suggestions? Also take Omega3

19:00 Question : Do you recommend Ultimate Daily Classic Tablets, D-Stress, and HGH for the heart as part of a protocol plan?
I just now started taking what you recommend:BTT 2.0, Derived Minerals, Selenium, jojoba, Osteo FX powder! Should I add the other 3?

21:00 Question : I typed in amonth ago with a problem im having with nasal polyps, totally blocke on the left and mostly clear on the right side. I did the argentyn 23 which did clear up the yellow mucus to clear and the gurgling sensation I had when I swallowed went away.I also took the Teucrium Marum as you advised. Im 64 yo 195 lbs and take tangy osteofx extra selenium projoba extra take all double for my weight been doin this for 80 days on the supplements Still cant breathe on left side. Started taking Prednisone yesterday and now can breathe

24:30 Question : My 11 year-old grandaughter is wetting the bed at night. This has been going on for several years now. Her parents have not been willing to monitor diet to avoid 12 bad foods, but is there anything that can help?

29:00 Question : for those on a tight budget who are on ultimate classic but need to switch to a tablet / please speak to the use of Ultimate Daily vs Ultimate Daily Classic as an option .

32:00 Question : Is the Proline product for women with Macca in it good for treating PCOS? 26 year old.

34:00 Question : Good night doc. My son who is 17 years old developed a lump on his back. The lump is about the size of a dollar and is quite visible near the top of the skin. We noticed it about a month or so ago. I got it checked by a medical doctor and she said it most likely is a limpoma. She recommended an ultrasound done on it. I have not gotten it done as yet. What is a lipoma? What kind of tests should my son get to determine what kind of lump it us? And what is the treatment for a lipoma lump? Thanks as usual. I very much appreciate your tried, tested and proven good advice. And your enthusiastic delivery of your talks are awesome. Thanks again!

38:15 Question : Hey Dr. G! How do you know if edema is heart related? It made more sense that my edema was a protein deficiency because I have a very small appetite for food after taking my vit & mins. I have been managing to get 50 grams of protein a day for a couple of weeks now at your suggestion. I still cannot gain weight. The edema is still occurring, but not as much. My program: tangy t, osteo fx, projoba omega, gluco gel, muscadine grape, selenium, vision fx, plant derived minerals. You have me on Good Herbs Circulatory X4

41:20 Question : Hey Dr. G, would Pure Works foam be a good add on for psoriasis like acne and eczema?

44:15 Question : We have a friend who is 57 years old, 150 lbs, chemo 4 years ago with stage 4 anal cancer. Now her plataletes are 5,000-6,000 instead of 150,000. They tried steroids
and now doctors say it's autoimmune and want to do more chemo. What would you recommend if you were wanting to fix this?

48:48 Question : Is it possible to have some level of recovery from stroke (resulting in one side paralysis)?

50:10 Question : Dr. G. Thanks for you help. Last week you talked about bed sores. Rubbing sugar into it, then clean it, then spray argentyn 23. Then cover with comfrey cream. My question can aloe vera be used inlure of comfrey cream.

54:10 Question : , I was informed that there is a synergistic correlation among a compromised liver, thyroid health and arthritic joints. Is this true? Also, since successful results using your recommended protocols have resulted in excellent dental health – only cleanings have been required for the past 2 years, should a person at age 60 consider a dental plan with cheaper premiums instead of dental insurance? Thanks

56:00 Question : Hey Dr. G, I have gradually lost all my eyebrows over the years, the few i have left are pretty much invisible, also hair has NEVER grown on my legs and very little underarms - always had a thick head of hair until the last several years when it started falling out by the handfuls, it has now stopped falling out but doesn't seem to be getting thicker. Now my daughter just told me that she has very little hair growing on her legs and has bare patches. Any enlightening information you can give?