Morning Q&A: July 25, 2018

1:35 Question : Dr G. I am taking gluco gel liquid for ringing in the ears. It appears to be working. However I have candina. Is it better to take the liquid with argentyn 23 and antimicrobal to sopped candina flare ups or switch to the gluco gel tables

7:35 Osteoarthrosis knees / hips. On protocol. 1. Liquid GlucoGel is wreaking havoc on my digestive system. Taken as a shot it’s a time bomb. Diluted in the 90 for life 16oz mix is better. Sipping through the day seems less reactive. Any past history you’ve gotten feedback on? Subsides as body adjusts? What about just taking 24 glucogel caps instead of liquid and capsules? I know, liquid probably more effective. I’m a Glidden Groupie… we can guess what you’ll say…GRIN!!!

16:50 Question : What can I do for my extreme fatigue! Since mid Jan after getting H3N2 flu, I have never gotten my strength back and had to quit sub teaching because of it! Now in just couple of weeks, find out about my heart and thyroid which I have already shared with you!

20:25 Question : Good morning Dr. G. I have a client who has celiac disease since age 10, low iron and is experiencing numbness on the right side of her body from head to toe. This used to happen when she was age 10 to age 21. It stopped for a while but has resumed. She said the doctors said her ferritin levels are low. (It’s a 3) They can’t find anything else. What is this and what can she do? She’s 27 years old, weighs 120lbs Is Consuming apple cider vinegar , 2T a day in water good for the body? And if you have time, what’s your thoughts on the Keto diet?

25:25 Question : Another question related to Monday's question. If I can swing the expense, can I take the heart and circulatory Good Herbs formulas together or would I be wasting money and effort?

27:10 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden! I have an odd rash on my eye lids. It's red blotches that get dry and have flaky skin (like eczema is the closest I think of it as). On top of the BTT what do you think will help? Anything topical that I could use too? Thanks!

30:00 Question : Have a customer who is taking several products and when she sweats she smells and feels the btt on her face. She is doing the keto diet and looses 2lbs gains 1 back. Has Sjogrens not on any medications. Slight hbp. On no medications. Needs to lose 50lbs. Weight trains.