Health Q&A: July 9, 2018

1:35 Question : I am 69 y.o and have been taking bioidentical hormone therapy for extreme hot flashed for 12 or 13 years. How do I wean myself from those. Estrogen, testosterone and Progesterone. Still having occ hot flashes. Thanks for a job well done.

6:50 Question : What can I do to reduce my Triglycerides?

9:05 Question : Would you please explain me the risk or side effects of using the growth hormone in kids? How Man y time would Santiago need to grow with the correct Nutrition you menttion on May 30th? Any cases in similar cases?

12:55 Question : Hi dr g my mother in law doesn’t like the taste of the beyond osteo Fx. So I was thinking of putting the powder in empty capsule shell but my question is that safe to do

14:14 Question : Hi dr Glidden. I am 36 weeks pregnant and on 90 . Couple of weeks ago was taken blood tests and came back as low in iron, i increaced my Tangarine intake but when bloods were taken again - it came back even lower on iron. Last couple of days i am feeling a bit woosy. What would you recomend me? Also any recommendations for labour pain control ? Thank you

15:50 I just thought that I would provide you an update as I I have tried to get on your protocol for my eyes. I did order extra Good Herbs mid month. I got the homeopathic preparation and have been on that for eight days. I messed up a couple of times absentlmindedly by swlaling the whole contents of the paper cup rather than one teaspoon. The rest of the Youngevity order I am still waiting for. I paid for it on July 2. It still did not ship today. The Good Herbs Heart Support was back ordered and apparently just came in today. The back order date for the Z Radical keeps moving. The latest date for arrival at the warehouse is now July 27th. I really notice the L-Arginine. About ½ hour after I eat my hands get really warm. It looks like I will have to implement your protocol in a staggered fashion. I hope the results will come.

18:45 Question : Good night G. Should women get a pap smear or pelvic exam each year as a preventative measure? What is the best examination a woman should get?

20:35 Question : New listener:I have had several root canals. Heard they can be toxic. I am wondering what you would recommend to offset that while waiting to afford getting my teeth addressed.

26:15 Question : I'm 70. Been on 90 for life for 2 years. Yes, off the 12 bad foods. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees and both hips. DO NOT PLAN ON REPLACING anything. Today I ordered the protocol, yes autoship forever. Q: Is there a time frame approximate when improvement shows up on X ray?

29:29 Question : Hey Doc, I got a couple of questions. Would you drink water while dining out without knowing the water source? What si your take on Youngevity's Vitamin D3, and MSM Ultra?

32:40 Question : Scheduled for a DEXA scan, your thoughts? For a while I was having a clunking on the right side of the throat, doc wants to do an MRI with and without, thoughts? No pain with swallowing. I do not like waiting for questions to be answered. I want to see your face and some things you show on the screen.

36:56 Went by ambulance 2 wks ago due to shortness of breath and HBP Heart ultrasound Results: Left Ventricle:mildly dilated, systolic severely reduced! Ejection Fraction 25-30% Lateral MV annulus TDI E velocity =8.4 Cm/Sec and the Septal is 6.0 cm/sec E/E ratio is 23.1 Diastolic dysfunction is Grade III. Severe global hypokinesis  Mild concentric hypertrophy. Mitral Valve leaflets thick severe fatigue for 4 months prior to this! Heart Specialist wants me on meds and up dose every 2 weeks until I have highest dose possible of ace inhibitors, diuretic and beta blocker! I don’t take meds but for last 2 weeks taking low dose of beta blocker only to keep blood pressure down!

41:31 Question : Hi Dr. G!!! You recently advised the use of a few things for someone in need of a knee replacement. The items included the New Pro Joint product, I believe. And Primrose oil and something else. I can't locate my notes on that or the archived Q & A with that info.
Can you repeat that advice?

43:05 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, I’ve had little bone spurs pop up on my feet, ankles, even a super tiny one on my forehead that I only notice. I never realized until following you and Dr. Wallach that it’s osteoporosis! Yikes! A large one popped up on my index finger recently so I just added the Good Herbs bone & joint support. I weigh 142lbs and I’m taking 1/2 tsp a day with an ounce of liquid Gluco Gel. I’m on HSP and cherimins. I read what to purchase in your book. Can these bone spurs go away?

45:45 Question : I have question - sometimes i’ll feel a bit queasy when I take too many of the vitamin pills even while eating sometimes. Is there something that can help with this?

47:47 Question : Taking 90 essentials, plant der. minerals, Zradical, Jojoba Omega, grapeseed capsules, Mg at night and BP is going up sometimes 180 to 200 over 90 to 105. Need to lower it soon what can I do? Been off meds for 8 years don't want to get back on. Avoid bad foods, gluten free diet, lots of stress, normal weight, some exercise 60 year old BF

51:55 Question : Good herbs under the tongue work better or just swallowed?

52:30 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, I have a co-worker whom have a few questions I don't know the answer for! Can you shine some light on these questions for me? For how long can a patient take Homeopathic medicine? Can Homeopathic medicine be addictive? Are they safe to be taken when taking prescription drugs? I am flying my dad back to Puerto Rico on the 25ft of the month, he is bored out of his mind in the homeware facility. Today they check his blood pressure in my presence, I ask the nurse to please check mine and first he placed the cuff very high on my bicep and second he tried 3 times before the machine read me. I truly believe that they are using defective equipment to check their patients and medicate them according to the wrong readings!!!

56:30 Question : Dr G. What can be done to fix bed sores. What causes them and what can be done to prevent them. QUESTION 2 I watched you video on vertigo. a 100lb female 83 yrs. you recommended TT, Beyond Ostex, Flax oil 3 per day, Good herbs bone support 2 ml, gluco gel liquid, plant minerals. Do I need to add anything to this. Does the connective tissue remove themselves after the skull bone becomes strong again

58:00 Question : I tuned in late just when you were talking about root canals. Normally it is not a good thing to leave dead tissue in the body. A root canal is dead tissue which is a continual source of bacteria to the body. So even with a strong immune system to deal with these bacteria constantly assaulting the body, why is it a good idea to leave dead tissue in the body? Thenk you Doc for your recomendaciones very voluable. I am facing a Trial here with Santiago father becouse he wants to use the growth hormones so the judge bind me to do the treatment all pediatric endocrinologist here in Colombia recommend. Would you accept to be doctor referee and witness by Skype on trial? This is Thein only different oppion I have found. I really need your help. If you say yes hpw could we do ir please. I Think like you. Would you capacítate a nutritionist to do you treatment?