Morning Q&A: August 1, 2018

2:22 Question : Hey Doc: I am watching "The Big Secret" Very well done Dr G! My heart rate has increased to 98 and above most of the time since I significantly up my fat intake. Is that possible? Would you consider doing a Webinar on Microbiome? Thanks a bunch! What is Imortalium good for? Does it help in the case of Lupus?

5:20 Question : I’m 51 at 5’-8” & 180 pounds. I now know about the 12 bad foods. Hormones out of balance & low libido. In my 20’s, I started to get pain with penetration during intercourse so I received a laser treatment on my vulva but it didn’t help. Now the pain is severe & nothing has helped - estrogen cream burned & it was determined the tissue on my vulva is too thin. During my only pregnancy at age 39, the ultrasound would show 2 small uterine fibroids & nothing has been done about them… In March 2017, I started to experience severe pain on my right side of my abdomen & hard stools, anus irritation that includes bleeding during bowel movements because the stool is large & hard to come out. After X-rays, ultrasounds & MRI, it was determined that I had a cyst on my liver 5 cm in length. I treated holistically to get the liver to stop spasming by giving up eggs, beef & chicken as I can’t eat animal proteins without experiencing liver discomfort. My trips to two different naturopaths… in the past 2 years showed systemic fungal, bacterial & viral infections, some kidney dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, etc. & I have weight loss difficulty. Lastly, I have always had muscle tightness in neck and back. I need my husband to massage the area to keep it loose & also see a professional masseuse as well as a chiropractor on occasion. Thank you!

16:16 Question : I don’t know how much projoba Omega to take a day. I was told I have a macular partial hole in my left eye and both have cataracts! Am I taking the right protocol? Is there a natural eye drop to refresh dry eye?

18:45 Question : Hey Dr. G Still battling the fungal infection but seeing an improvement, added sweet eze, 8 a day to the program and extra EFA's using the argentyn 23 internally as well as topically. Also ordered the super olive health 4 bottles, already did the Antimicrobial support, but the 2 months are up so the switch to olive health. I know it may take a while to get this resolved but is there anything that you see I may be missing?

22:45 Question : Doc, What causes leg cramps at night? I'm fine during waking hours but I get awakened by the cramps. I sleep facing North and South and I get awoke with my foot facing East and West! It occurs in both lower extremities but thank God not both at the same time.

26:00 Question : Hi, I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, have tried the Gluco-Gel, but it didn't really help, I've ordered Flexi-Care to try due to collagen content, any other ideas?
Many many thanks for being who you are.

30:40 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, my daughter had a a Seizure 2 years ago, went to Dr. then had another , we reluctantly put her on meds. She had no more Seizures, now 18 months later she had another one, then another one. Since then I heard Dr. Wallach on a you tube Video about Seizure disorder and it was a similar situation to my daughters, so I started her on it according to his Video (Health Brain & Heart Pack, Synaptiv and Imortalium. I'm not sure I'm exactly song the right thing. Could use your help.She Is 17 yrs old and weighs 131 lbs

Question : What is Imortalium good for and is it good for Lupus?