Morning Q&A: August 15, 2018

14:14 Question : Hey dude: How can I prevent bleeding under the skin when I take more than 4 EFA's? Or is it better to take only 4 and forget about taking more? When you say not to eat rare to medium rare meat do you mean only beef? I hope so; it would be hard to eat chicken that way. Just curious. What is the J stand for in your name?

17:35 Question : When you said take ubiquinol with Oil, do you mean I should take it with jojoba Omega or take it with omega 3’s added to formula already in bottle?

20:00 Question : Hey Dr. G! I’m enjoying the Tactical Health podcasts as always. I hope you are well. Dave IntheThumb wanted me to ask you what you would recommend for an 88 year-old gentleman who is on the 90 and mostly off the 12 bad foods. He has been dealing with excessive drooling. Also, when he feels like he is “walking on balloons.” He doesn’t have any current back problems and no known history of diabetes but is on the 90 and will start to take Glucogenix soon just in case. He also has severe insomnia which is always different. Sometimes he has difficulty going to sleep...other times he has difficulty staying asleep. FYI...he also had started the ketogenic diet prior to the manifestation of the drooling. Thanks for your time Dr. G! I look forward (not backwards :)) to seeing in San Diego next week!

24:20 Question : Good Morning, When taking my nutrients, would it be better to take them a little bit throughout the day and eating meals that may be high in phytates or would it be better to chug them all at once between meals and lose some because the body can’t absorb them all at once? It seems as though you’re going to lose some either way but which way would lose less? Speaking of absorption: Where does the body store nutrients for future use and are there any books that explain this process?

29:49 Question : Wanted to know since I was taking Argynten 23 for my Fun guy infection, The bottle says you can take 7 tea spoons a day for short term immune support and 5 for long term, so I'm taking 7 a day and seeing the infection getting better. My question is how long is short term? Oh the infection is in the groin area. Ouch! Go away!! I've been doing everything to build my immune system, I also ordered a couple of bottles of killer biotic fx to throw into the mix.

32:40 Question : Hi, Doc! Russian woman age 29. Height - 5 ft. 4 in  Weight - 99 lbs Congenital heart attack as a child. Cardiac surgery when a child. Immunity decreased after a long course of antibiotics 4 years ago. Constantly sick. Currently on antibiotics until September. Russian MD’s discourage taking 90 For Life for fear it will interfere with the antibiotics. (They’re as bad as American MD’s!) Will begin 90 For Life in September.

37:00 Question : Hi Dr. G, my friend was suffering enlarged prostate, bladder issues, many months of antibiotics, surgery, scans etc.. nothing helped. I gave him selenium,tangy,plant derived minerals,osteo, and the foods, he is starting to feel better, less urinating,

39:20 Question : I have increased my protein and have not had any swelling in my ankles. The protein deficiency is simply due to lack of appetite. Trying to gain weight, but the more protein I eat, the more energy I have. I have crazy urges to work out late at night (I don't). The only way I gain is if I cheat and as soon as I eat well again, any gained weight is off by the end of the week. I am holding steady at 107 lbs and I look scrawny! I have been struggling with this for months and have not gained 1 lb that I have been able to hold onto. Any thoughts? Is there a book you recommend about homeopathics and their use?