Health Q&A: August 27, 2018

00:35 Question : Hi dr Glidden. I had my baby boy 3 weeks ago. He had 2 weeks check up with my GP and she said that my baby has a sacral dimple and that he needs a ultrasound scan on his spine and she also referred him to a pediatrician. She said that sometimes it can be a problem with spine and sometimes it can be no problems and that is why need a scan to see if there is a problem.. I was on 90 all pregnancy and have been for last 2 years. Do you know anything about sacral dimple? I am very worried..

I have another question: My baby gets feed from my breasts only, does it mean that he gets 90 essential nutrions that i take through breastmilk ? Also should i take extra dose because of breastfeeding or just stick to weight dose?

3:25 Question : Hi Doctor G: Would it be ok to apply CM cream to not so intact skin of Discoid Lupus as it is an anti-inflammatory? Or would it be better to spray Argentyn 23? Or a combination of both? Thank you for being so courageous and not giving up on us! I appreciate you more than I can say!

4:25 I wanted to teach a health course in the near future, but the legal environment surrounding natural health is making me second guess myself. I feel that I know what I can or cannot say, but I wanted your opinion on if it is a smart move to proceed with the course?

6:25 Thanks for being here!Man 66 years old Height 5í 9î Weight 200 lbs Spinal discs C4, C5, C6 by blow to head 9 years ago Currently taking 30 mgs morphine twice daily 10 mgs oxycodone every 6 hours Underwent 21 surgical blocks over 8 years. Doesnít help. Jaw slightly out of socket Constant pain in spite of pain killers Concerned about liver

10:50 Question : My daughter is 8 years old and weighs 50 can I get her to start taking EFAs - she I not ready to swallow...

11:55 Question : What is your perspective on the effectiveness of using an applied kinesiology technique daily to determine food sensitivities, as well as which nutritional supplements work synergistically to bring the body into balance? I have begun to utilize the technique of having the product and food make contact with the body to help determine each day if there is a positive or negative reaction before consuming them. The technique is fascinating and the results appear promising.

15:00 North Fort Myers FL is a great place to live except for the water. I have well water that I have to triple filter and then boil in order to safely drink. Should I be adding minerals to the water? Would there be any advantages to doing this?

17:15 Question : I have a friend who is on tangy tangerine. Not on EFAs because she feels that she consumes enough omega 3s in her diet. Do you agree that it is it possible to obtain enough omega 3s in organic food and not take any EFA tabs?

18:30 Question : Have a freind who has been taking Theracurmin (Curcumin) and she was told she shouldn't take it if she has Gall stones which she does. Would you recommend she stop taking it and why would it not be advisable to take if one has Gallstones?
Do you agree with taking a natural Fungus killer that claims to kill the fungal infection at the root. It's called "Fungus Nuker" Have you heard of it? It's taken internally and has no side effects.

21:20 Question : we have a few questions 1. what are your thoughts on the Keto Diet
2. our friend is a pastor and is in the 3rd stage of Pancretic Cancer and has been given 6 months

Question : discuss calcium deposits in the foot on several places on the foot
26:10 Question : Hi Doctor Glidden. My wife has keratin polaris... is there a way that she can get rid of it? Also, me and my wife are about 40 years old and we are wanting to have a kid. We tried a few years ago and had a miscarriage... is there way to keep this from happening again and ensure there aren't any problems?

28:45 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, I was on your 8/13 livestream and asked about basal cell cancer. I started your recommended protocol that night. I have all the Youngevity products you recommended.  My question is how often should I clean the area? How do I know when to transition to the calendula cream?

31:35 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, did you recorded your presentation at the convention? Question, I have an old injury on my right forearm just before the elbow, lately at night it's being hurting! Also the left hand fingers are tingling and at night sometimes i feel a burning sensation! Is that a circulation issue? By the way I visited the local Chiropractor 5 times and had back adjustments!!! Also, one of my prefer customers has an enlarged fatty liver, elevated enzymes and high blood sugar. She is in her thirties and weight about 200+ and she is 5'6". Your advice would be very appreciated since she is one of the nurses who took care of my dad while he was in the home care facility.

37:10 Question : Hey doc. Last time I told you my son has a lump on his back close to the surface of the skin. The doctor said it may be a lipoma. I forgot to mention that he puts books in his back pack and do pushups with the bag on his back. Also he accidentally slept with his cell phone on his back one night. Could either one of these could have posed a problem regarding the lump on his back? I know you said that friction and dehydration is the cause of lipoma.

38:30 We just asked you about the Keto diet what would you suggest is the safest and best way to lose weight

40:10 Doc have we come up with a definitive time to wait for our mineral supplements after eating phytates your webinar is from a while back