Health Q&A: August 6, 2018

1:30 Question : A friend has started having episodes of an irregular heartbeat every few days. What are the best products (and dosages) to help with this? She currently takes the 90 and Gluco-gel. She has ordered Good Herbs Heart. Are there other products she should add? She is 65, 5’6”, and 240 pounds. She is doing a paleo "diet" currently to lose weight.

4:15 Question : Dr. G! I am still having issues with swelling in both of my ankles and NOW I think I have a case of Plantar is what I am taking... 3 scoops of BTT 2.0 with 2 ounces of Plant Derived Minerals, 5 EFAs - Omega 3s, 3 Selenium, 1 oz of CalToddy, 1 oz Radical...just started taking 3 Ultimate Daily's beginning on Saturday...what am I missing? I have been checked for clots - nothing...I just don't know what else to do..and I have eliminated the 12 bad foods - I've had this for 4-6 wks. Can you share with us what you take on a daily basis (if not too persona) for just good health? Also, if I am taking 3 scoops of the BTT 2.0 (143 pounds and 47 years old) - how much water? 24 ounces with the scoops? Just curious...

7:20 Question : Hi, i was here last monday asking about kosher supplements and did not find anything in search but our little chat last monday so i still dont know what to take. Ty

9:00 Question : Doc: Is it ok to consume fermented foods such as sauerkraut if you have hypothyroidism? How many of the Sweet Eze to take per 100 lbs and what is the best time? Between meals or at the beginning of the meal? Bedtime? You are a peach Thanks

11:55 Question : I started taking 16 projoba Omega 3. How do I balance 6’s and 9’s nutritionally? I watched the webinar on EFA’s. BTW I just found out I can watch this livestream later under Q & A archives, maybe other new advocates are unaware too! Thanks a million for your wealth of info!

14:25 Question : Dr. G! It's good to be on hear with you. It's been a while. I am looking forward to seeing you at the convention (I hope :)). I literally just noticed a message for a distributor I work with who is helping someone dealing with multiple health I figured I would go to the Doc myself. Here is what I know. This person is needing help with left eye inflammation in the macula causing distortion in her vision. She had a lens removed from a side effect of medication eye drops. She is also dealing with diabetes, depression, and dry skin. She is wanting thicker hair and firmer skin. Thanks for all you do Doc! I hope to see you soon.

17:55 Question : 78 yo female – Taking prescription Vitamin D after lab tests showed very low Vit D level. Is on a ‘heart med.’ States she is tired of not feeling well. h/o hysterectomy many yrs ago and they may have removed the gallbladder – she doesn’t know. Tried YGY products 2 yrs ago but had diarrhea + didn’t want to continue. On standard American diet. Thoughts on a regimen for her and thoughts on the prescription Vitamin D?

21:15 Question : Greetings Dr. G, Should Youngevity supplements, liquids as well as capsules with expired Best By dates be disposed? Does it matter if the product expired one month, three months, six months, or one year ago? Thanks

23:15 Question : Hey Doc, Does the application of heat degrade Sweet Eze? I find it much easier to dissolve the Sweet Eze in my Bone Broth. The capsule gives me extra gelatin and I'm drinking it to correct a disc that I ruptured awhile back (pun intended).

24:30 Question : Greetings Doc; Any thoughts on remediating eye floaters with naturopathic means? Thanks kindly.

26:30 Question : My mother in law had a neprhectomy 4 weeks ago with a scope. She now has a fistula which wont heal. Nurses are packing it and she has had 2 rounds of antibiotics. Shes been on tangy and minerals for a month. What can she do to heal this wound?

30:35 Question : Question about Bolouke. M, 77yo, 215lbs, has clots in both lungs, and one in the leg. Was on full dose of Enoxaparin sodium injections, got bad hematoma in arm. Switched to 1/2 dose of same drug. Bolouke says don't use if on thinners. Are 5 Bolouke +5 projoba @ 3xday w/food compatible with the 1/2dose of Enoxaparin 100 mg? Child of friend of mines was born two weeks ago with the cleft lip and cleft palate. There will be surgerys performed to fix it at some point when the time is right. Can you tell me please what are the best things to do in order to have this child heel very well after the surgery ,and grow up the best he can?

34:24 Question : Hey Doc enjoy your show. Several people I know are suffering from sciatica. How can I help them? My mom my mother in law and my boss are in pain. Patreon is hilarious. Thanks!

37:55 Question : Hello Dr. G !!! Should have shot down the coast to Santa Cruz to escape the heat. Here is my question. What is the name of the salt that you use? Is it iodized or do I need to supplement with Iodine? Where can it be purchased? Also, have you added another food to the "bad" list? My down line told me there is now 13.

Question : I want to upgrade my membership from advocate to ambassador but am afraid that I will be charged twice in the month I change. Can't find any help on your website. Can you help?

42:15 Question : Dr. G, what causes cold sores and what to do for them?

44:50 Question : Dr.G, I had surgery last year and I followed your advise before and after recovery.. I just had another surgery end of June and this time they did not want me to take any vitamins and minerals, well I had a hard time for about 2 weeks when I started drinking tangy plant derived etc, felt much better. I did show my Dr. what I was taking by youngevity, he said ..more people die from vitamins, I am just mad, cause all those years before you I would get a B-12 shot, folic acid, and vitamin D.