Morning Q&A: August 8, 2018

1:30 Question : Hey Dr G. I have both of my nieces on the 90! Boom shakalaka! Jackie just turned 30 and has never been regular with her bowel movements. The day after she started the 90, she started going everyday! Can I assume that she is absorbing the nutrients if she has already experienced a change with her bowel movements? I am still working to get her off the bad foods. Her 4 year old daughter asks for her vitamin water every morning now so she can be strong like her Aunt Vivi (me). LOL. If you don't have time, please skip this question. I think I was around too many pool chemicals over the weekend. I have serious vision issues as it is. I have been extremely sensitive to light since then and my eyes will not stop watering. Anything I can do nutritionally for this? Even the light from my computer screen is bothering me today.

5:00 First question. One of my new customers, 39 yr old female, married, 5’10”, 220 lbs, has been trying to get pregnant for 10 years. Started her period at 16 or 17. It has always been very painful and irregular. She farms with her husband, and about eight years ago her periods became regular after she started drinking raw cow milk. A 2, by the way. Most of her diet is home-grown; she cut out sugar and wheat and corn and peanuts and anything unnatural or artificial, losing 20 lbs as a result. She has been taking the plant derived minerals for her body weight for six months now. Since she started on the liquid minerals in February, she has been much more heat tolerant. She watched some of Wallach’s and your videos and is open to taking more supplements. She has a tight budget and wanted to order before I could make it to the Q and A. Due to budget constraints she started with 1 Ultimate Classic, 1 canister Osteo powder, and 2 bottles of Plant derived minerals. She is Rh negative, her husband is Rh positive. Does she have to take that shot, or is there a nutritional solution? What supplements does she need to add to help her conceive? Second question: I have the beginnings of some kind of arthritis in my big thumb joints but nowhere else that I can tell. This is surprising to me, given all the supplements I’m taking. Several months ago my thumbs were so painful I thought I was going to lose function. I decided I wasn’t taking enough of the YGY supplements so I increased what I was taking, making sure it was enough for my weight. The pain went way down and now it’s just a dull ache, although you can see that my main thumb joints are jutting out a bit. Your suggestions have definitely improved my lung health and asthma-like symptoms. Per month I’m taking 1 Ultimate Classic, 1 Osteo powder, 1 bottle selenium, 1 bottle Cell Shield RTQ, 2 bottles GH respiratory support, 2 bottles Projoba omega, 2 teaspoons daily Meso Copper. What can I add to address the arthritis? This is the only pain I have in my entire body.

10:55 Any suggestions how to reduce flem in my throat, seems like after I eat almost anything.

15:15 Question : I heard you talking about Triple Treat Chocolate Dr. Glidden. So I looked into it only to find that it My be cross contaminated with products containing gluten, she were gluten free, can you tell me the best chocolates to eat to get our ORAC points?.

17:17 Question : I've been on the 90 & following the GF/BF list for 4 years. 50 years old and sometimes am incontinent. What gives? Thank you Dr. G! Third question: Are you concerned about the 5G cell towers going in? Aren't we going to be bathing in that stuff, more than we are already? Other than earthing/grounding sheets at our computers and on our beds, what can we do to offset all of the radiation to which we're exposed constantly?