Health Q&A: September 10, 2018

3:00 Question : Good evening Dr, Is there a good was of ridding the eyes of dryness and redness without using Visine? Can I use Argentyn23

5:00 Question : Hi Dr. G, I have invited Camille to the program tonight. She is a new member of our Youngevity family and has a question for you: She was diagnosed with Arachnoiditis after a failed back surgery. She did everything the ìwhite coatsî prescribed. Then looked at her doctor one day and said ìthis is the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different resultî. She came off everything MD prescribed. She takes healthy bone and joint pack plus extra minerals every month. The inflammation sometimes (seasonally) causes extreme pain and migraines Youngevity had a capsule called Livinity which they no longer carry. What can she do for the occasional inflammation of her spinal cord? Camille has brought so many people into the ìfoldî in a short time and is studying to be an N.D!!

8:55 Question : Doctor G: Does it make a difference when taking Cell Shield with or without foods? Your dedication is MUCH appreciated.

10:45 Question : Dr., I have been getting reddened in my face, it resembles Rosacea. Could there be any link to my supplements?

12:40 Question : why does my blood pressure go dangerously high at night and not daytime? What makes blood pressure go up at night?

13:20 Question : why does my blood pressure go dangerously high at night and not daytime? What makes blood pressure go up at night?

20:13 Question : 53 years of age. 47 years when period stopped. August of 2017 I started to have irregular menstrual periods along with hot flashes, and lack of sleep. (Initially this only happened 4-5 days a month) Went to the doctor July of 2018, they conducted an ultrasound and it showed that my uterus was inflamed due to my hormones not being controlled. They gave me a shot (unknown) and had me take pills for 6 days (dicynone 500mg) twice a day. Returned to the doctor August of 2018, and DR prescribed me Progyluton 2.00 (once a day for 21 days), he told me to rest from them for 7 days, and continue with taking the pills. He also prescribed me Losartan 50 mg and advised me to take it once a day (night time) for high blood pressure. I am taking omega 3, multivitamins, and sweedish complex supplements daily. The last three days have been good and have been able to sleep. I feel better when I'm not taking the pills. My legs felt weak at times when taking the pills. Also the medical doctor is recommending a full hysterectomy. They also said I have three cysts in my right breast 2 inches. What are the side effects of a hysterectomy? What can I do naturally? How should I proceed forward?


28:00 Question : Good night doc. What are the benefits of using L arginine?

29:10 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, ive asked before about my (now) 17yr old 131 lb daughter who 4 seziures since she was 14 yrs old (on meds) (thank u for your response) Since then i have purchased youngevity products , then purchased your book and i noticed /read the section on epilepsy and it has totally different products to take , should my daughter be taking according to your book ? (as the Dr. did an eeg yrs ago and it was abnormal ) (then said epilepsy ) Thanks

31:05 Question : Hi Dr G! My hubby has been suffering with extreme pain in his wrists that has increased over the years. He has very weak grip strength & drops things. The pain is on the tops of his hands where the base of the thumb and wrist bones meet. There is obvious swelling there. He has been a computer programmer for 20 years & also has sprained his wrists a lot skateboarding over the years. Would this be the bone & joint regimen? Dr wants to do a nerve test for carpal tunnel, is this necessary? Thanks!

34:55 Question : My dentist says I have an Apical Abcess (radioleaency) with a labial (buccal) FISTULA on #9 upper left central incisor. How do I fix this without doing the suggested root canal? BTW, I agree with you about the infiltration of MD's into YGY. This has a negative impact and dilutes Dr. Wallach's and Dr. Glidden's messages.

39:10 Question : I have followed your instructions for my nasal polyps including the lemna minor and I also did the nasopure irrigations and still do. I still have the polyps but I can breathe because i guess they are not inflamed. I believe it is the irrigations that are working. Is it possible the polyps will never go away? How do you get the body to dissolve them if even thats possible? Fasting? Thank you for your help so far I am so much better

41:00 Question : My Husband is from El Salvador he has a sister and brother-in-law that are both MDs and run their own clinic there, weíve spoken to them a lot about the 12 bad foods and The 90 essential Nutrients and disease they are extremely excited to start applying This new information especially for type two diabetes I just ordered two of you were attempt to cure books in Spanish my question is- Is there any more literature that was translated into Spanish that I can send them? *two of your ìAttempt A Cureî By the way their combined monthly salary for MDs there and El Salvador is $700 a month

44:10 Question : Hi! Do you know if the supplement, Sonneís #2 Calphonite a suitable liquid calcium substitute for the Youngevity Osteo-Fx liquid? The Youngevity Osteo-Fx products have ingredients that cause issues. Is there a better liquid calcium product you would recommend?

45:45 Question : Hello Dr. By any chance does youngevity have any help for very overactive bladder.. Hope so

48:05 Question : Hi Dr. G, is there another product I can take in place of the osteo fx? I am getting to the point of not being able to swallow it, I think because of the artificial sweetener as I have always had an aversion to them.

49:00 Question : What are your thoughts about Beet juice? What is the difference between the Nitrates in this and the Nitrates in processed meats?

50:40 Question : Doc have on occasion a terrific pain between the little pinky toe and the next toe burns like you know what whats it sound like to you nerve involvement or some type of tissue or bone build up? I can wiggle the toe with my hand and eleviate the pain weird

Question : do you know anything about "lectins"? they are supposed to be in a large number of plants to prevent being eaten. The side effects apparently mimic a lot of things people suffer from. Not enough room here to go into more detail.

53:33 Question : Doc, Ö advise needed for female coworker age 49, about 130 lbs and 5.1 height suffering the las 6 years from carpal tunnel, and in addition gastritis, being prescribed for it Omaprazole. Least but not last High Blood Pressure on the horizon. Thank you for the great work! Keep us enlightened !