Health Q&A: September 17, 2018

Hi Doc we are all still on the 90 every day plus Good herbs Super olive , selenium and Prohoba omega here at the Harlan House. Update on mom, her post op open wound tunnel from a Nephrectomy was 4 inches deep 10 weeks ago it is now less than Ω inch deep she is healing an feeling well Ö.Thank you for your excellent directive with mom.

Question 1 Moms Health .mom takes Cardizem for her heart she had stints put in 20 years ago and the stints are doing great Should she stop the Cardizem even though she has bin on it for 20 years and the stints are stable?????

Question 2 Regarding my health My fatigue was coming back from my Liver health problems after I Stopped taking the Black seed ñ maca ñ milk thistle- Dandelion and Aloe Vera about 2 months ago..however I started back up on the extra stuff listed and I feel much better after a week..How long can I keep taking these things and how often should I give it a rest or cycle..

13:35 Question : 1. I don't have any chronic illness, however would like to prevent, and keep my body at optimum health, how do I know which nutritional supplements to take? 2. Is there such a thing as overtaking natural supplements? Are there any side effects? 3. Is it safe for cancer patients undergoing chemo treatment to take nutritional supplements? 4. Is it an healthier alternative to drink mineral rich alkaline water? As opposed to bottled or tap water?

Question : Good evening Doc: A few years ago I started to see bright golden light on the walls on my room during the night. On and off. Even the light coming down from the smoke detector down to the level of the bed. Lately it started again 3 times in the past week. It only happens when I am laying down at night. Eye dr said on 2 different occasions that there is nothing wrong with my eyes. My vision has not decreased significantly over the last few years. Any ideas of what maybe the cause? I'm 69

21:10 Question : My 92 yo mother is on CalToddy (600mg Mg+ daily) + many YGY products. I was out of town when she went to ER then hospitalized w/sm tibia fx. She had a hypertensive crisis (240/140) on the 2nd day in hosp. Dr had not approved her supplement regimen because he didnít know if any of the ingred would interfere w/the beta blocker that he started. Question in general ...are there any YGY prod that ëinterfereí w/any drugs that could be proposed for us?

24:20 Question : Hi Dr. G,From Kona to Nevada - quite a change. I have a customer struggling with products to make sure she gets her essential 90. She is off bad foods. She cannot take BTT, BTT tablets or Ultimate Classic. With BTT she has hair loss and hard time falling asleep. With Ultimate Classic she has blood sugar spike & dizziness. She is very sensitive to ginseng. She takes Projoba Omegas, Beyond Osteo Fx, PDMs, and Sweet-Eze without issue. What alternatives does she have to ensure getting all 90?

27:00 Question : Hi Doc, My19yo daughter had a diagnosed right hemorrhagic ovarian cyst and left corpus luteum cyst treated with progesterone. One yr later right now symptoms are back, abdominal pain hard stomach, bloating and vaginal bleeding. She eats well lots of green smoothies takes the 90, apple cider vinegar,enzymes nascent iodine drops,homeopathic remedy avoids plastics and xenoestrogens. Any advice? we want to avoid the gynecologist. Thanks

Question : my guest Edward O'Neal age 58 started having overactive bladder and bowel incontinence at the same time he started experiencing ED at age 56 ) Dr say PSA is elevated - tried flowmax with no luck. not been on YGY yet . Best recommendations to address this. he also suffers with Ligament/Tendon Damage Cartilage Damage Back/Neck/Hip Pain

34:44 Question : my friend Roberto Corzo is 200 Pounds 58 years old Diagnostic: Anxiety Cycolthemia

37:00 Question : I am Paul, age 63, height 6í4î, weight 270. My diagnosis: 1995 Hypertension - ATENOLOL 50 MG BID, AMLODIPINE 2.5 MG SID, TRIAMTERENE 75 MG-HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE 50 MG SID ; 2002 Gout (ALLOPURINOL 300 MG SID ; 2006 Prediabetes ; Arthritis of knee (surgery) ; 2007 Lumbar disc degeneration ; Osteoarthritis of hips ; Obstructive sleep apnea (CPAP) ; 2009 Right Menieres disease ; History of renal calculus ; For urinary flow - TERAZOSIN (HYTRIN) 2 MG BID Hope you could help !

37:00 Question : I have a client that I am working with that was diagnosed with Subglotic Stenosis every 8 months or so the scar tissue grows back and closes where it is hard for her to breathe and she has to get surgery about every 8 months.Are there any suggestions you have? We have tried Frequencies, Lasers, Essential oils, nutrition, Doctor thinks it could be from acid reflux, she did test for that on my software. Have you ever heard of this? Is there a protocol? She also has tremors.

45:00 Question : Turbo cream protocol for A Fib and 100 % dependence on pacemaker Turbo Cream protocol for A Fib & 100% pace maker dependence.

47:10 Question : When using I26, is this something you have to continue to use for continual gut health after you see results? What are your thoughts?

49:10 Question : Good evening Doctor Glidden, my neighbor ask me what would be good for Lupus, I gave him my business card and sent him your webinar but I know that he will ask me tomorrow if I asked you about his condition. He is about 6" tall about 150lbs, heavy rosacea and I got a hint of OCD. What do you recommend for him? By the way, last Saturday I had my first radio station interview in a spanish speaking station in Miami. Of course I could not pass on the opportunity to give you and your new book a plug So if you see your sales increase in the Miami area then you know where it comes from!

Question : Back on dialysis. Access starting to look like spiderweb. Wondering what I can start taking to strengthen access artery