Morning Q&A: September 19, 2018

1:45 Hemochromatosis, what is it?

3:20 Question : Dr. Glidden, I hope you are having a rewarding, fulfilling week my friend. I enjoyed hanging out with you at the Youngevity convention, and I have greatly enjoyed listening to you on your podcast as well. I wanted to get your insight/recommendations regarding a loved-one of one of my friends. I pretty much already know what you will most likely recommend…but I wanted to hear from you personally regarding this situation. I believe hearing straight from the doctor would be more beneficial in this case. This person needing help is 85 years old. She is about 5’3’ and weighs about 130 pounds. She has been diagnosed with cancer. She has a mass underneath her kidney between her kidney and bladder. Apparently there are also some spots on the lung and lesions in the brain. This woman at this time is on the medication dexamethasone which was given to help with swelling of the brain, comfort of life, etc. She apparently also has an elevated sed rate which was reported by their rheumatologist to be caused by arthritis. She does have a history of osteoarthritis and high blood pressure (thought the arthritis appears to be limited to the hands and really isn’t causing any pain at this time).This woman does not want the conventional approach…and she is back home and open to a more wholistic, natural approach. She had been on prednisone which reportedly masked some of the symptoms but now is off. She also doesn’t have much of an appetite…she can tolerate a small amount of food at this time along with liquids. What would you recommend to support her during this time? Thanks for your good work Dr. G!

7:30 Question : Hey Dr. G. What is your take on hot yoga? I love it, but I am wondering if there may be health risks associated with doing yoga poses in extreme heat.

9:50 Question : Hi! I have noticed that people in general produce different body scents and odors. Are there foods or products that might help people to internally deodorize their body to minimize offensive odors? For these individuals, soap, water and deodorant usage are a temporary and somewhat ineffective external solution.

12:20 Question : Hi doc! I’ve had food allergies to BTT original, the 2.0 and the BTT tablets since I started YGY a few years ago. I seem to be really sensitive towards the supplements and have the same reactions to Ultimate Classic and similar products so I cannot take the full 90s. I also have a problem with aloe vera products, enzymes and flora FX as they increase my hunger. Are there any other products I could try to heal from the allergic reactions? Thanks

19:30 Question : recently diagnosed with a left branch block on his heart and an aortic aneurysm and hardening of the lungs.

21:10 Question : Hi Dr Glidden, I went to pediatrician last week and still waiting for ultrasound scan... I have couple of questions today: Why some babies born with tongue tie? and does tongue tie cause speech problems? My baby has slight tongue tie and might need it corrected. What is your opinion on baby plastic bottles? Do you think BPA free plastic bottles are ok or stainless-steel bottles are better?

27:55 Question : Hey Dr. G, got injections of stelara (Biologics) last 2 doses problems with my legs veins, keep breaking muscle pain, checked for blood clots, nerves test ok, Doc wants to see me on Monday, they both feel the stelara has nothing to do with it ,but I say YES!. I ordered GH circulatory, I take your rec. of tangy, osteo, selenium, raspatory GH, plant minerals, krill gluco. this is 2nd time after injections. Maybe I need to take extra vit and minerals to counter this drug. thank you, 

31:55 Question : Hi, Doc! Thanks for being here! A friend has just been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. I told him it is a physician created “disease” in order to sell CPAP machines. He paid $600 out of pocket for it because his insurance doesn’t cover it. He is about 2 months into 90 For Life. What guidance can I offer him? A big thanks!

34:44 Question : Hi Doc - I have a client that had a bunch of lab work done and her CRP came back high at 14.1. So she has inflammation in her body, So I would love to hear your take on next steps for her and maybe some additional suggestions on how to help her. She is OFF the 12 bad foods but she also does NOT have a thyroid, due to it being removed. So, she is on thyroid meds. Suggestions? Also - I thought I heard somewhere that Youngevity is going to be offering CBD Oil? If so, can you tell us when and talk about the quality of it as well as the uses. Thanks so much for all you do, you are amazing!!!