Morning Q&A: September 5, 2018

5:55 Question : Doc: I listened to a webinar on March 7, 2018 where you mentioned Maqui Plus to help with digestion . I am trying to digest minerals better. I'm avoiding the 12 bad foods and foods with phytates. I'm having loose stools when taking more than 1 tsp of the Osteo FX powder and 1 scoop of the BTT powder for the whole day to which I add 1 tbsp (1/2 oz) of liquid Beyond Osteo Fx liquid and 1 tbsp of the Ultimate Classic liquid. Youngevity does not carry Maqui Plus any longer. Any suggestions for replacement. Thank you so much Dr G.!

10:30 Question : Hey Doc, Randy took the Natrum Mariaticum you recommended. He started it on a Friday night and by Monday he was working on his truck for a few hours, Tuesday he was working in the shop for a few hours and by the end of the week he worked for almost half the day. However by the following week he was back in bed and there for pretty much the rest of the week. He started taking the pills again but didn’t get the same results. How do we make it stick because I have never seen a little pill produce those kind of results. Although his symptoms didn’t completely disappear they were improved by a good 70%. It really was like flipping a switch, just like you said it would be.

14:00 Question : Hey Doc. My niece has frequent UTI's. Her MD said her bladder is tilted after an emergent C-section. Sounds like more MD BS to me. How can I help her? One more quickie...when will we be able to view your presentations from the YG convention?

16:40 Question : Good morning Dr. G. My husband and I are going to do the colon detox from your book next week. Is it ok to drink bone broth days 3 4 & 5 along with juicing?

18:45 Question : Hi, Doc! Always a pleasure to be with you! What is the nutritional cause of Arcus Senilis? Can it be reversed? My MD told me about it when I was 33. I am 66 now. Thank you!

23:23 Question : Hi Dr Glidden. I am going to pediatrician next week with my baby boy sacral dimple. In last weeks chat you said to me that ultrasound is ok for a 4 week old baby, what about x ray? should I refuse x ray and MRI (if they will want to do so)?

26:00 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, Following your advise on the 8/27 webinar I began using just the silver spray. Yesterday the scab fell off in the shower and revealed fresh skin growth. There is a bit of an indent. Should I use the cream and spray on that area? I have attached a file showing the progress.

29:00 Question : Hi Dr Glidden my son was diagnosed with an ulcer and I referenced your book and we did the 3 day Argenten 23 as stated however when I watched your webinar on colloidal silver you stated to never take anymore than a teaspoon a day. Should I now just recommend that he do just one teaspoon a day? Also, just curious have you ever heard of mucoid plaque? I don’t hear many holistic people mention it!

32:05 Question : Guest Ann Disney I am small boned, weigh 155 lbs and now 5'5" and 43% fat . Just got a diagnosis of 60% clogged arteries in lower extremities peripheral vascular disease- taken 90 essentials but had extreme diarrhea (now been corrected with an herbal gut formula) Right now I am taking MRM's EDTA 3 capsules around 2 am and 3 more around 7 am to be 2 hrs away from minerals. In my 3rd week of this. best recommendations for protocol clogged arteries and cataracts

36:00 Question : good morning doc. I over worked myself this last weekend trying to get stuff done for my wedding. now i got a head cold from it do you have any extra ticks to help with it and to pervent one form the next time i over work myself. I've been using the supper olive health, antimicrobial of good herbs and silver also in the noise. thanks your the best

38:28 Question : Hi Dr. G, Does low blood pressure or frequent fluctuations in blood pressure between low and normal stress the heart in any way? What are possible stressors that can cause muscles above the heart discomfort (stress testing results are normal)? Is the heart health protocol still the primary recommendation? Thanks

40:50 Question : Hi Dr Glidden. Hope you’re ok and have a lovely time. My husband and I to have a question about MRI. The question is: How accurate is a Pelvic and Prostate MRI SCAN for detecting Cancer? My husband has a blood test which has rising levels of PSA currently 14. Thank you for answer in advance. Kindest regards.

45:30 Question : Doc, a male 160 lbs in 1977 when he was 22 years old had a pretty serious aneurism of the brain. He recovered about 90% over a 5 year period and lived a fairly normal life for the next 38 years. January of 2015 he had a stroke which developed into dementia. Zero short term memory, but has long term memory. He lives hour to hour right now. A week ago he had an episode where he went completely blank and lost his ability to swallow. A few days later he return to his normal state of dementia.

48:40 Question : Greetings Doc; Just for your edification and information (and those of others), Dr. John Bergman (a Chiropractor) has the same approach as you and uses YouTube as the public medium. He has both lectures (various subjects), and Q & A sessions. When you have opportunity check his work out; I believe him to be a confederate for wholesome living and good health. Thank you for all your great work!