Health Q&A: January 14, 2019

Hey Dr. Glidden, I have a young lady in her mid 70ís, approximately 5í6î and 100lbs. Iím not sure where they come up with this stuff but due to her low sodium levels, her doctor has diagnosed her with something called SIADH, Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion. She has been restricted to 32 oz of total liquid per day which has brought her sodium level up to where it should be but I just canít believe dehydrating oneself is the answer. She eats healthy(organic), salts her food with Himalayan salt, I believe is gluten free and does supplement(not YoungevityÖ yet). Not sure if itís related but she has been dealing with thyroid cancer and recently had her thyroid removed along with some lymph nodes. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

5:50 Question : Good night. My son's jaw hurts and is swollen. We observed it is kind of lopsided. One side of his jaw is higher than the next and it hurts when he eats. We think this has been an ongoing issue for a while since he was 14. He is now 17. At 14 years old he yawned really wide and he said he felt tissue dropped down in his chin. He was in alot of pain at the time. I took him tho the doctor back then and recently since the pain and swelling came back. He was prescribed Cataflam for the pain. He recommended to go to a dental surgeon. But I think he should go to a chiropractor. What are your thoughts? And what nutrients should I give him? I know about osteo fx, Glycogen, flexi care, or sta restored from your book. I need something to help him heal asap as he is in pain. Please help. Also is Cataflam medication too harsh for him? If so what should I give him for the pain? Thanks alot doc. Should he get an xray also?

8:00 Question : Dr. G. Which butter is better. Grass feed cows butter or goat butter. The package for the goats butter does not say "grass feed"

9:45 Question : Doc, I know that oil in a bottle is taboo but what about Ghee? Just the butter fat but it comes in a jar and is semi-solid at room temperature?

10:55 Question : Hello Dr G! What can I give my six yr old daughter for horrible eye sight (20/100) sheís already taking the cherrymins but sheís too young to swallow the Ocutiv pills! Thanks

18:13 Question : I spent the month of December going from test to test over a band of redness I have on my right upper thigh. What I found out after an ultrasound, an antibiotic, a CT scan and an MRI is that I have a cyst on my liver. What I still don’t know is what is causing the redness on my leg. What should I do for the liver cyst and also what could be causing the band of redness on my leg?

19:25 Question : Happy New Year Dr. Gee Whiz and your awesome crew. I turned 50 in November and part of my Physical is a colonoscopy. Would you recommend this? Thanks for all you do !

21:30 Question : Hi Dr. G. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! I have learned SO MUCH FROM YOU. I am meeting later this week with a mom who has two grade school children suffering from Wilson's Disease. I didn't find anything in your archives. What can I do to help them? Thanks!

26:26 Question : hey Doc I have a couple of quesions, what do you recommend for pain on the side from above the hip to below the ribs? Also what is good for yawning and you feel soreness in the lower back on one side as you yawn?

29:40 Question : Hi Dr. G! My dad has high blood pressure and when eats salt his hands swell. Why does this occur?

37:15 Question : Good to see you Doctor Glidden! 72 year old gave me an inch thick folder of medical records. Allergies & pneumonia since childhood, congenital bleeder- factor 7 & 11 deficiency (hemophilia C), anaphylaxis, thrombophlebitis, autoimmune disorders, allergies/sensitivities to many foods, chemicals, etc. arsenic poisoning, missing cytochrome 450 genes, Cholesterol 392 Trig 154 HDL 65 LDL 291, low neurotransmitters, high B6 levels. God bless!

40:10 Question : Good evening Doctor Glidden, This past weekend 4 or 5 of my co-worker came down with a head cold! Sinus congestion, headache, rough voice or sore throat, do you recommend any Boiron Homeopathic medicine for those symptoms?

42:42 Question : My friend has Pterygium, a growth slowly growing across his eye & could cause blindness. He's told it's caused by sun exposure. They want to cut it out & no ocean for a month