Morning Q&A: January 16, 2019

Question : thanks to you Dr. G I have come a long way with my health the last year and half. Unfortunately, I got bad news last week, diagnosed with endometrial cancer grade 3, dr has recommended me to MD Anderson in Houston where they want to do 3-4 days of testing after which maybe radiation then surgery. I had a pap and biopsy done at time of bleeding, if I understand there was no cancer cells from pap just the biopsy. I am in a stupor, I KNOW that your protocols work wonders. I know surgery is inevitable but what about the radiation? I am scheduled to see oncologist/gynecologist on the 24th for the testing.

Question : Hi Doc. Is beet powder just as effective as juiced beets?

14:15 Question : Hey Dr. G! It's exciting to see what you have been doing on YouTube lately. I am very thankful to live during this time where such quality information such as what you bring to the table can be disseminated widely to so many people. Again, I greatly appreciate the good work that you do. With that being said, I lately have been thinking a lot about the role of the digestive system. Tonight I will be ending my 72 hour fast. I have considered doing some colon hydrotherapy in the near future. I wanted to share with you some interesting info I learned recently and to get your thoughts on this topic. Obviously, more and more evidence shows the role of our microbiome and it's connection to our health. Did you know that there apparently is a clinic in Massachusetts where eligible fecal matter donors can earn around $1,000 dollars per month selling their own fecal matter? It seems there is a growing demand for people to improve their health by supporting their digestive system through a variety of methods including fecal matter transplants...and I can tell you that even in the hospital setting I know that fecal matter transplants take place to cure chronic C-Diff infections. With that being said...what are your thoughts/hopes for the future of microbiome/digestive health optimization? Thanks for your time.

20:00 Question : Dr Glidden. How do I know when it is time to stop the good herbs for my blood pressure

21:25 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden! I am praising the Lord! After being on the protocol for 6 months, my ejection fraction went from 25-30 to 45-50 I did add 600 mg of ubiquinol daily. Now I just need to get my BP down and fatigue up. Any suggestions.

26:55 Question : good morning doc. I took out my lumbar disc on my back. i have been working with my A.K. just wanted to double check that i should treat this as a bone and joint problem. Thanks

29:00 Question : Hi Dr Glidden. I had my baby boy scan done and they said it was all normal, yet they booked another scan to double check (don't know why) I am bringing him for it tomorrow. Do you know when is the right time to stop breastfeeding? My baby is 5 months now and I will start with food next month, should I start giving him 90 though food or just my milk is enough for him to get all 90? Thank you

30:50 Question : Hey Dr. G. Almost fully recovered from an ulcer on my right eye. My doc was surprised that I was already completely healed at my follow up yesterday & she always asks if I'm still taking "those" supplements. Is there anything I can do if this happens again in order to avoid taking an anti-b?

33:45 Question : Good afternoon Dr Glidden!!!! My daughter has three fibroids and has some inflammation, her leg is swollen, and she has been in pain for 3 weeks. What would you recommend to ease the pain and inflammation?

42:30 Question : Doc: Happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you and yours. Can I have your thoughts on localized mild arthritic pain (left hand only)? I'm off the "12 bads" & on the "90 essentials"... Thank you.

Age 60... Question : I have had Robbie on your protocol for lowering blood pressure. Month 1 didnt change his BP. For month 2 & 3, I started him on the 3 bottles of Good Herbs. His BP has been in the range of 130's/80's. Last few days its been 145/50 over 85. Ive been weaning him of his BP meds (2.5mg daily of Amlodipine). Should I continue with Good Herbs or is his BP low enough now?