Health Q&A: January 2, 2019

2:15 Question : Happy New Year Doc: What is the difference between ORAC value and antioxydants? And what is I26 good for? Thank you!

9:20 Question : Happy new year Doc. For cleaning the arteries you recommended Niacin plus, good herbs heart support and h.g.h. youth complex. Could you explain how h.g.h. helps clean arteries.

12:10 Question : Happy New Year Doc, I have 3 questions this week... what is your take on creatine for losing weight and building muscle. Does it have any benefits or is it a waste of time and money. What is your take on Klebsi ( that is some so-called uncurable disease from china)?What do you feel is Youngevity's most powerful probiotic?

19:00 Question : What are keloid and how do they appear? Also, what are epididymal cyst and how do you rid of them? on testicular area?

24:00 Question : I know that Copper is removed from the blood by Vitamin C but what about Liposomal Vitamin C. It's not supposed to interact with anything until it enters the cell. Also, if resistance training should I have more Omega 6's and what are your thoughts about the supplement Creatine? Thanks and welcome back. Creatine is supposed to let your muscles retain water which dilutes the Lactic acid from your workout allowing you to work out longer. Theoretically, Creatine should make you gain weight. First with the water weight and then with the muscle gain.

34:44 Question : Hey Dr. G! Happy New Year to you and yours! I had a couple of questions for you. For an 11 month old child that weighs between 10 and 20 pounds who is battling some upper respiratory issues...I was looking into giving them some colloidal silver in addition to the 90, good nutrition, etc. The only thing the mother is going to have access to at this time is Sovereign Silver. On the bottle it only gives instructions for children over the age of 4 years. What would you recommend for dosing? Also, my mother received a gift from a family member which was a bottle of collagen/protein supplement. The ingredients overall looked good but at the very bottom of the ingredient deck it lists "natural chocolate flavor" and xylitol." I have called the company for more clarification but haven't heard back. In your ingredients like these (such as the xylitol which I assume is GMO/non-organic corn and "natural chocolate flavor" pose enough of a problem to as to avoid the product entirely? I had her go ahead and hold off on taking it and recommended other protein powders...but I wanted to get your opinion. Thanks for your time Dr. G!

37:20 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden. I am a brand-new distributor to YGY. Question about Calcium intake for CKD stage 5 (non-dialysis as of yet). I have watched your kidney and circulation webinars and will be on full product protocol. But am concerned about extra calcium from Cal-Toddy or Osteo. I am just over 200 lbs and will be taking two bottles of Proline Ultimate Classic, which as 800 mg of calcium, and 2 canisters of BTT 2.0 powder for another 240 mg daily. Sufficient? My phosphorous levels are also double normal range. CKD caused by long term diabetes. I have had diet under relative control, A1C at 6.0% without drugs. But I am definitely short on nutrients. Creatinine up to 6.4 from 2.5 a year ago. Thanks for explaining calcium intake for CKD. Note: I also will be supplementing 200mcg of vit K2 (MK7) to ensure calcium gets to bones and teeth, not arteries. I have some chest pain as well. Topped off your protocols with Good Herbs 4 packs of heart, circulation, kidney and pancreas. Thanks, Martin

44:44 Question : Happy New Year Dr. G, Please discuss the importance of Vitamin B to our health and wellness, and the differences in the vitamin B complex- B12, 6, etc. Thanks.

46:50 Question : Question : Hi, Doc. Happy New Year. My BP this morning was 126/75/78 and I am taking Carvedilol and Entresto for Congestive Heart Failure. I am following recommendations for correcting this condition and my question is should I stop taking the beta blocker Carvedilol? I read that beta blockers and statin drugs are not a good thing to do. Your advice. Thanks again for all you do!