Health Q&A: January 21, 2019

Question : Hello Doc, Does caffeine stimulate Insulin?

3:35 Question : Hey Dr. G, like always it's good to be on here with you. You know, the longer I work in the conventional medical system as a nurse...the more I appreciate the good work that you do. Thanks so much. With that being said, I wanted to ask for your assistance in developing a program for a friend of mine. I know that I already have a pretty good handle on what to do but I wanted to ask you here to demonstrate your health question/answer session to him. He dealt with some major losses recently which he reports sent him into depression. He ended up gaining about 60 pounds (after previously losing about 110). He also has had to low back surgeries and he reports the pain is getting worse due to the increased weight. He wants to get back into working out at the gym. He is about 5'7" and weighs 230 pounds. Thanks for your time Dr. G! God bless

13:00 Question : Hi Dr. G! I'm actually in Huntsville, AL today. I got one of the mixers you recommended on the i26 page and it works amazing - thank you! My question is: I have a relative who has a very strong allergy to ginger. The last exposure was via an essential oil caused throat swelling. What causes this type of allergy and is there any way to fix it or help?

17:05 Question : hi Doc and thanks a lot for what you are doing.I'm 51 6'1 228lbs I've been on the no gluten diet for about 13 months. I'm on the healthy start park 2 of them per month

  • 4 bottles of selenium/month

  • 4 bottles of Gluco gel 240 tablets/month

  • 4 HGH youth complex/month

  • 4 bottles of nature pearls/month

To get rid of my white hair faster do you think I should go ahead and buy an additinal 1 liter of meso copper per month? Question : Iím 69 years young. I've 2 stints put in my heart in the last 2 years. Cardiologist says I am a candidate for a triple bypass due to plaque buildup in arteries. He prescribed the usual heart meds, I took for about 18 months. Now all I take is baby aspirin once a day. He told me to lose weight (was 175 now 167 lbs stop drinking alcohol I have been dry for 3 weeks. He recommended more exercise: I do 1 hour of major stretching each morning, started playing pickle ball 3/4 xís a week. I ran 5 miles, 3 xís per week before heart problems, then I developed a sciatic nerve problem which almost debilitated me. A year ago neurologist said he could operate but suggested other alternatives first: stretching, no alcohol, lose weight which seem to be helping. I got no relief from chiropractor adjustments, acupuncture, a steroid shot in the back. My goals: Clean out my arteries from plaque, lose another 7 to 10 pounds, get relief from lower back pain, boost my libido, enhance my overall energy and sense of wellbeing.

28:10 Question : H i Dr G. My friend recently had tests done and they found serious build up in the left carotid artery and his blood pressure is high as well. He takes the 90. What else would you recommend he take. Thanks

29:40 Question : Hi Dr. G, Taihitia from Chicago. Blessing to you and yours. Having SI joint pain. What can I use in the Good Herbs product line along with the usual YGY products health products for healing and maintenance.

32:32 Question : Hi Doc, can you elaborate further pertaining to joint osteoarthritis, when this nutrient program wont give results. What would be indicators that this program isn't effective

36:36 Question : Iím 36 years old. I would like to know what to take that could help my shoulder bursitis on both shoulders, and how the get the inflammation down without taking cortisone shots, as the dr recommend me to do. Iím booked in to start laser treatment to try to reduce the inflammation and heel it. I ice it several times a day. I I have gone off gluten, and bad foods like fried stuff, soy etc. Iím taking shots of apple cider vinegar, grated ginger and turmeric to try to get the inflammation down, and in general eat good. Symptoms: canít lift my arms certain direction and over my shoulders, sometimes the pain goes down a bit and then comes back usually worse in one of the shoulders, constant pain that radiates towards my neck and collar bones and arm. I try to do some stretches everyday as long as itís not painful to do so. I donít know if Iím deficient in something that cause it as I havenít injured my self or anything but had stress over the last year and not been eating good. I do also have a ganglion cyst on my wrist and sometimes my wrist/joints feels tender swedish, though!

44:44 I am having problems with trembling fingers and twitches while sleeping and the doctors has scheduled me for a MRI Brain W0/W Contrast (CPT) and Cervical Spine AP and Lat X - Ray (CPT) (R) for tremors. Are these the correct tests for me to take for the above mentioned problems? How much of the liquid gluco-gel is the same same as the 1 capsule per 10 lbs? Is it 1 ounce per 50 lbs? Thanks for fighting the good fight!!

48:48 Question : My 18 year old son has seen thinning of his hair line, for the past year. What can he do the combat or reverse these changes?