Morning Q&A: January 23, 2019

1:00 Question : good morning doc. I had my A1C test done for my cold hands. it came back 4.9. I was also already on 8 sweeties a day to help keep my zits down. Should i be able to cut back on my sweeties so i can afford to add extra copper to my diet to help with my varicose veins on my legs. Thanks

What should i do then for the cold hands if my blood suger is low. thanks...

10:00 Question : Hello Dr Glidden from Chula Vista. I discovered you a few years ago with Bladder Diverticula. I am on the program ever since. My diverticula is much softer, wondering if there is a prognosis for healing, how long does that take?

16:30 Question : Dr. G. I have been struggling with eye issues on and off for awhile now. I am becoming extremely sensitive to light. I am going to order some Arg 23, but I have the YG colloidal silver now. I only have one good eye and I am really nervous about putting anything in it. Somebody in the chat room said that the silver works better for them than an anti-B. Do I dilute the silver or put it straight onto the eye with a cup?