Health Q&A: January 28, 2019


I am 63 y/o and 250 lbs. 

Medical Concerns: I have high blood pressure and I am experiencing ED!

Medical HX: Kidney and liver transplant Sept 2017 ( No complications)

 My over health is good.


 1.Tacrolimus (Prograf) 1mg twice daily - Anti Rejection medication

 2. Mycophenolate (Cellcept) 500 mg twice daily – Anti Rejection

 3. Prednisone 5mg once daily

 4.Carvedilol (Coreg) Anti Hypertensive 50 mg twice


I have polio in my left foot since I was 1.5 years of age. The height difference is about approximately 1.2 inch there are no quad muscles in my left foot it just does the support job. I have a chronic degeneration in both my knees, left ankle and I have bursitis in both my hips. Also my left knee has a meniscus tear. I have totally two flat feet meaning no arch in either foot. I have taken lots of `PRP' (Platelet Rich plasma) and prolotherapy (sugar injections) to no avail. I am trying to eat the right food. Current age 57 years weight about 65 to 66 kgs. I do not consume carb and rice say about 20 times in a year. Mostly tried to eat beans, salad and raw foot. Lately lots of pain in left knee very unstable and feel like I may have to start using crutches soon. It was fine until two months ago. I have achilles tendinosis in both feet. History of fractures due to an accident in both feet broke metatarsals. Ligaments and tendons are very weak in left feet due to a polio. Structural difference in my right- and left-hand side of the body. I realize the list is long but important. The crux of the matter is inflammation in almost all lower limbs. I am trying to achieve pain free and external support free walking and stay mobile. Also, would like to cure achilleas of tendons, meniscus tear of the left knee and regrowth of cartilage of all sorts in the entire body. I would highly appreciate your help. As I have wasted lots of money on many therapies with no long-lasting positive results to date.


There is a hair product called Dr Miracle temple and Nape grow balm. It is supposed to grow hair. Are you familiar with this product? It has wheat protein in it. Also does exercise burn or utilize extra sugar in the body for someone who has blood sugar issues or is pre-diabetes?


My grandson has been diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. What nutrients in addition to the 90 should we focus upon? Also, were you able to research whether Caffeine stimulates Insulin. I am at work and will probably check the archives for your answers, Thanks.


I have a friend whose mom and sister in law are struggling with heavy metal toxicity that may have now led to leaky gut and auto immune type reactions and nutritional deficiencies. They believe it may be related to vaccines. The sister in law went to a ND in Spokane and he did 'this chelation thing' with her due to her high levels and it pulled out good minerals as well and now she's taking supplements to bring those back. My friend would like to know what you would recommend.


What do you think about Face mapping? do you think it can tell someone's health?


Hello Doc. Just ran out of my projoba prostat and going to update my autoship but I am asking you advice on any other of our products that may be better for ongoing prostate care. Also, when using the good herbs how long can you take them. I use super olive health daily, but I also take heart support, bone and tissue and antimicrobial. Thanks for your help again!


Hey Dr. G, so I saw the onlcologist last Thurs and am scheduled for surgery on the 6th. My uterus is the size of a 4 mo pregnancy and I have 3 fibroids. oncologist feels it is contained because cervix looks normal even tho it showed abnormal cells but that could be from bleeding. I have told my kids and was prepared to tell the oncologist that I will not be doing chemo and radiation, but he never mentioned either. I am taking BTT 2.0, osteo fx, PDM, projoba omega, gluco gel & selenium. Should I discontinue any of these before surgery? They told me I should since they didn't know what's in them.



I have a relative with MS and has many symptoms. What would you recommend for him?


Should one also avoid Avocado oil, how about Coconut oil?


Good evening Dr. Glidden! My friend recently had gastric bypass surgery. He is 26 years old, 306 lbs, 6'0". He was 352 lbs before the surgery. We already spoke a bit about his diet and the MD's have him staying away from just about everything. He cannot swallow any pills or tablets. What supplements should we use to help him out right now? Thank you!


My girlfriend has Endometriosis and I she has eliminated the 12 bad foods and has been taking your protocol of: Ocean’s Gold EFA’s BTT Beyond Osteo FX Gluco Gel She is 49 years old, weighs 124lbs. She has been trying to get pregnant and have been taking the Plant Derived Minerals because of my age and in case of infertility. Her period is usually 40-42 days late. And recently she has been suffering from chronic fatigue. Can you recommend what she can do to get pregnant and have regular periods.


Does Aspartame and MS are they connected? Your thoughts?