Morning Q&A: January 30, 2019


Dr. "G" What is your take on the value of a Ketogenic diet?


My name is Jamie, I'm a 58 yr old woman with hypothyroidism. I had my TSH checked 2 weeks ago with routine blood work from my physician. My TSH was 51. I have been on vitamins and minerals from my nutritionist in the form of tablets. I do take iodine and selenium. I started all of this one year ago. I was feeling very tired and depressed and losing hair over the last several months and decided to have my blood drawn and that's when I found out my TSH was elevated.

Of course, my physician wants me to start taking synthroid. Which I have not started. What can I do to help my thyroid heal and start feeling better? When should I have my thyroid rechecked?


Was at the doctors, blood test was not good. Fasting glucose 8.5, long term glucose 7.5 and to much protein which can cause problems with the kidneys. My answer was that I was eating healthy but over Christmas did indulge to much in fruits and bigger meal sizes again. So now I am back to a strict eating regime. See how I go in 7 weeks when I must go for a test again.

One more thing. Over the last 9 months I was sick 3 times. 2 times with fever and severe bronchitis and chest infection and now again, my coworker cough and having a cold in 40 degrees Celsius heat and one day later I am coming down with the same. All 3 times I was infested with someone's germs. I had a flu shot by the doctors last year and that do absolutely nothing. Taking the supplements daily and getting sick so easily does make me question why I am having these problems. I also put on 4 kilo of weight but I am trying to get that down again. I eat a lot of raw vegetables, salads, fish and not much meat, plus fruits and nuts. I have been cutting back on fruits. I don't eat sweets now but was a bit too generous on cookies over the holiday period.


My daughter is 13 years old and weighs 122 lbs. Can start taking 2 scoops of BTT per day or should she stay at the limit of 1 scoop? Thanks!


Post influenzas fatigue