Health Q&A: January 7, 2019

1:35 Question : Happy New Year, Dr. G. I had a couple of questions, but found that they were answered when I searched the archived shows. So thanks for such an awesome site! Let me check in with you on one thing...I have a friend who had surgery for bladder stones. Would these have traveled from kidney, so need the kidney health protocol?

4:44 I have a couple of questions for you . 1. I have a woman with the complaint that every morning she wakes up with extremely dry eyes that lasts for about 5 to 10 minutes and then is fine for the rest of the day. She also said that she also has dry mouth according to her dentist. What to do??? 2. I have a man whoís friend is 70 and has Parkinsonís. Also another man who has a friend who was just diagnosed with parkinsonís a few months ago, they both want to know 3. I have another gentleman that has tremors in his whole body and has a sense of panic. What can help. He is on BTT only 4. Also if you can what do you know about the Adeno-virus and what can help it?

12:30 Question : Hi Dr Glidden. Please help. What I need to do to deal with H. Pylori in the stomach Thank

14:14 Do you have any tips on naturally increasing metabolism to burn more calories?P.S Do you know of any substitutes for mayonnaise and oil?

17:30 I have a friend who has prostate cancer which they can't operate or treat due to heart problems. He has been taking B17 1000 mg a day (two 500mg pills) and he has seen a drop in his PSA. A friend told him that B17 turns in to cyanide and if he takes too much it could kill him. Is there a top level dose for B17? Also how accurate at the PSA test results? Does the PSA result correlate to the size of the tumor?

21:40 Do you have any experience healing Staph infections or better yet, MRSA? Homeopathic, allopathic? What approach would you suggest for a 31 year old female seemingly healthy organic farmer with a returned infection that looks like staph. Naturopathic physicianís approach isnít working. for Cynthia - do you have any recommendations for opiate induced constipation . need to stay on opiates for now for extreme pain

26:00 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden,a lady from Guatemala called Roxana whom is seeking help for her son because doctors told her that his condition is not reversible and his life expectancy is not very long.A recent electrolite/sweat lab test revealed that he is positive for cystic fibrosis. Her son is 18 y/o stands a meter 68 tall, weights 110 pounds slowly losing weight, not athletic, has allergies to cypress, grass, humidity, feathers and feels sleepy all day with eye shadows although he sleeps 8 hours a night, wakes around 8:00 am but around 10:00 am he starts coughing until around 1:00 pm, when he is able to clear his throat the cough stops for the rest of the day. His sputum is yellow/green-ish, a Pulmonologist ordered a bronchoscopy and found Bronchiectasis and staphylococcus aureus. The doctors have him nebulizing with a saline solution and medicines called Pulmozyme, salbutamol, antibiotics every 6 hours and a pancreatic enzyme. Any suggestions to help her son will be greatly appreciated. I sent her the video of the 12 bad foods and translated it to spanish for her understanding.

29:29 Our son is 13 months old weighs 21 pounds. He has been breast fed his entire life while my wife has been on the 90. I wanted to get him on the appropriate vitamin and minerals. Right now I give him once a day 1/2 table spoon of beyond osteo and 1/2 table spoon of minerals and 1 Projoba Omega. I use a syringe to get the fluids in him. I want to start giving him the BTT Powder any suggestions for dosing and frequency? Also what is the best way to give it to him? Also the pediatrician recommended he drinks whole milk we would use organic only and otherwise he only drinks water. He is not drinking much of the whole milkóis there any concern for lack of myelination of his brain neurons since he will not be getting the whole milk? By the way I donít like him drinking milk.

33:55 Question : Hello Dr. G. I have a friend who a 90 year old woman, 139lbs . She was using a bug killer several months ago and she didnít wear gloves She is experiencing numbness in her fingers and itís travelling up her arms. Is there anything she can do at this late date.

35:35 Question : mom ended up 4 days in hospital. passed kidney and while in did testing and her breathing is not a proper levels. on permanent oxygen now at home. maybe not much we can do now but drugs they have her on is amLODIPine for blood pressure, budesonide nebulized breathing treatment, famotidine for kidney stone, ipratropium another breathing treatment, nebivolol and valsartan for blood pressure. Not sure if I'm asking a question other than the dangers of these meds

38:38 Question : I am 56 yo. Had 4 pregnancies gave live birth to 4. hysterectomy at 44. Arthritis in my facet joints from my upper cervical to lower lumbar including a few bulging discs. Suffer from esophagitis and heart burn, including a shotzsky's ring and hiatal hernia.Have a decent amount of spider veins a slightly weak bladder. I Jazzercise 4-6 times a week & work full time behind a desk want to lose 28lbs too

42:20 Question : sorry for jumping on late, I been having a problem taking projoba omegas where they would go down the wrong pipe and I start coughing a lot, what do you advise?

43:53 Question : Good night doc. I would like my daughter to be an ambassador and sell youngevity products as a business. How do I get her signed up?

45:25 Question : A relative had a metal based crown installed in 2014 and 2 years later began to experience severe skin breakouts, rashes and psoriasis. In 2016 the dentist did express concerns about metal based crowns and stated that zirconium crowns were being used instead. Could the metal crowns have contributed to the severe skin conditions?

49:00 could you clarify when you would use GH circulatory vs heart support

49:49 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden happy new year. I am a white male 5'7" 170 pounds 72 years old. I am not taking any prescription medicines. I have a problem with drooping eyelids. They are drooping enough to affect my vision. I am set up for surgery next month. I am currently taking two tangy tangerine tablets and one ultimate EFA softgel three times a day. I am not off the 12 bad foods but I'm working on it.What are your feeling about this surgery. Is there anything else I should do to prepare for surgery. I al

53:45 Question : Dr. G. What can a person do that has low blood pressure in the mornings. female, 140lbs, 45 years, 5' 10"