Sept 30, 2017 Live Chat Q&A

Good night. My daughter had a sharp ongoing pain just below her rib cage on the right side a week ago. The doctor told her to get an ultrasound for her stomach and take a liver test. She is taking voltaren and the pain has subsided but it may come back once she stops taking medication. The pain was such that she couldn't stand upright. What are your thoughts on this?

Her daughter has Molar Hypomin. What would you recommend please? She is also asking can tooth enamel grow and repair?
Has a friend with CIPD and receiving IVIG infusion every two weeks. He also has type 2 Diabetes.

She started on your protocol for
1. Crohn's Disease:
2. Gall Bladder removed
3. Illeostomy - no large intestine
a couple of weeks ago:
She is saying that her mixture of Osteo, Minerals, i-26 w/ coconut milk is making her very bloated such that she wants to send the products back to Youngevity. She also said ” I had pain for several hours in my upper abdomen two days in a row after taking the Selenium during the day between meals (I've always taken meds with food, even if the label says to take on an empty stomach - so that may be a cause). Then later at night, 1-2 hours before bed I took the Nightly Essence and my tummy was gurgling obnoxiously for a few hours (both nights). I don't think that is a good sign either. I'm concerned because if a Crohn's flare up happens, the only thing that suppressed it in the past was medicine. So I have to be careful and sensitive not to trigger a relapse.”
I asked for an outline of her diet and she is consuming a number of things that have gluten in them. I told her that even meats, if grain fed, can be a source of gluten. She is an airline employee so eating a constant source of good foods is a bit difficult with all her travel. She is a US citizen and I mentioned she might be able to have a face to face consultation with you – how could she do that please? She really needs some educated guidance regarding a complete diet/nutrition protocol.
She also stopped menstruating about 5 months ago.

Linda Allen here. I have a customer who followed your 6 day Cleansing Fast protocol in June. During the Fasting 3 day period, he had 3 Colon Cleanses. He followed this with a 21 day gut restoration protocol. He is off bad foods and usually has 2 pea protein shakes and 1 healthy meal a day. He weighs 190 and takes a lot of YGY products daily including 2oz. Minerals, 2 oz. Ultimate Classic, 4 oz. Osteo FX, 20 Gluco-Gel, 24 EFAs, 12 selenium…. spread out over 3 doses. His problem is that since the Colon cleanse routine his bowel has never recovered to what used to be a normal cycle. He has explosive bowel movements that are many times mostly liquid. This has been going on since June. He has been using Psyllium husk, mixed with apple juice, twice weekly and tried cutting down on Osteo FX, but ends up with leg cramps. Would appreciate your suggestions. PS...Customer is listening in!

Hi Doc, welcome back. For my 40 year old son, he has an abcessed tooth and is fighting the infection before it's removed. Can you recommend support to strengthen the bone after the removal? He takes about half of the 90 dose for his size and consumes gluten, but otherwise is diet conscious.

I am trying to figure out the order of supplies we need for my husband’s third month on the protocol for his enlarged atrium, high blood pressure, memory, and myasthenia gravis Here is what my husband has been taking for the last two months (he weighs 223):

3 bottles minerals per month
1 BTT per month (actually for the second I have only given him 1 scoop a day—my mistake)
1 Beyond Osteo Liquid Fx
1 Imortalium per month (actually another of my mistakes, I thought he was to have only I pill per day but the bottle says 4 pills, so he has not had the full bottle per month for the first 2 months)
3 Good Herbs Heart per month
3 Good Herbs Circulatory per month
1 Gluco Gel per month
1 Selenium per month (I give him 3 per day of the Vital Nutrients brand)
3 Projoba Omegas a month

Should we make any changes? We have plenty of the Good Herbs because I accidently ordered too much, but I am not sure if he is allowed to continue taking as much as he has.

Dr. G, good to see you at Convention. My brother (Pulmonary Embolism) had his appt the following Monday. The doc wants him on the meds for 3 months then will recheck blood and lipid panel. He really doesn’t want to be on Xarelto that long. In addition, he pushed for a CT scan saying that an X-ray would not show the clots. Your thoughts? Did you get a chance to check out Dr. Jennifer Daniels?

Freind of a freind has Syringo-Melia. Have you ever heard of this? If so, what would you recommend to do or take for this? We want to go see Magic Pills. It's on at the Royal Cinema in Toronto @ 2 P.M. Oct. 27th. Would you recommend seeing it? Linda Loder. Looking forward to seeing you in Indiana in Nov.

Hey Doc, theres a guy I know who just found out he has chronic leukemia, his dcotor states they caught it in time and has prescribed chemo pills. He told me prior he was taking BTT 2.0 tablets, 2 oz Cal Toddy, Projoba Omegas, 2 oz Cherri-Mins, and drinking Muscadine Grape Juice. He is 56 years old and weighs 198 lbs. If he was taking supplements and still got this issue, what do you think the cause was? Or what may have gone wrong? I know you don't good luck with these cases, what would you recommend? I'm sorry I have to bring this to the forum like this.

Dear Dr. Glidden,
I would like to begin by saying thank you for your work. It is great to have people like you in this world. Aged 49, 126lb woman.
I am trying to get pregnant. I still suffer from infrequent periods, night sweats and fatigue. How can I solve these issues and get my cycle back to normal so I can increase chance of pregnancy? Some recent background information that may be helpful…………..
I had been suffering from chronic UTI’s, brain fog and low energy, Dr. Wallach has diagnosed me with Erb’s Palsy and osteoporosis of the skull. After taking his protocol of Healthy Start Pack, Vitamin D3, Gluco-Gel, MSM, XeraFem I no longer have any UTI issues, brain fog and my energy level has increased somewhat. P.S. I also take Plant Derived Minerals

Dr Glidden I had my coworker approach at lunch to see I if I could send her anything on Bicornuate-Uterus I listend to Womens health during lunch today but did not hear anything there any suggestions? Ylonda

Greetings, Silla from Iowa. My friend has migraines. They are severe. (old trauma) The protocol I have him on is working. with suppliments, massage and couple other therapies he has went from daily migraines to every 3rd day and sometimes up to 5 days. Where we need help is: when he has the migraines he has to take Rizatriptan 10mg OD (generic version of maxalt). and ondanestron for nausea. when he takes this is really messing with his digestion from stomach to the end. with a lot of pain in stomach to small intestinal area. Is there a homeopathic to try to help this not have such bad repercussions from taking those meds?  enzymes (before meals) and flora FX (before bed) are part of his daily intake but the meds over ride everything

Hi Dr. G, Question from Ruth. Headache problem for a 59 yr old man, 230 lbs, 6ft Has had a very strong front forehead headache for at least a couple of years now. He is not gluten free and not on the 90. He doesn't drink alcohol. Drinks tea with caffiene, sometimes. He has tried everything the MD had to suggest. Hoped accupuncture would work, but it didn't. He does have a high stress job. Also, since he was about 17 yrs old, he wakes up at 3am, no matter what time he goes to bed. His labs don't show a blood sugar issue. Do you have any homeopathic recommends? Thank you!

Hi Dr Glidden, I'd like to switch from the liquid minerals to mineral caps while traveling. I noticed there is an additional ingredient in the caps - the aquamin seaweed powder and aquamin calcium. Is this additional stuff in the caps safe for pregnancy? Thanks.

Hello from Japan. I met you at Convention! I'm a 52 year old female. My MD says I have high LDL (200) because it is hereditary disorder. I was on statin until I learned about Dr. Wallach's and your message. I am off bad foods and I'm on 90 for life. But my lol does not get lower. Would you give me some advice, please?

Phil Goodwin Wisconsin. My wife Sharon has cancer and her calcium level in the blood is high, causing confusion and low spO2 readings (80% occasionally). What would you recommend to lower her calcium levels quickly. Thank you

Hey Doc! It's Edgar Garcia from Dallas Tx! It was great seeing you at the convention last week. Today I spoke to a friend who's anemic. She weighs about 120lb, she's in her 30's and is about 5'4". What do you recommend for her? She's taking medication with iron which of course isn't helping her much at all.