October 9, 2019 Evening Live Chat Q&A


Hello Dr Glidden, I have a few questions please?
1. When taking Colloidal Silver would it be advisable to follow this up with a good probiotic? Does the colloidal silver kill off good bacteria as well as bad?

2. Sally has Ulcerative Colitis and is suffering with a number of issues: weak bones from long term use of prednisone, constant loose stools with blood in them, nerve pain down her legs, infection around her ankles which the doctor says is related to the Ulcerative Colitis, she gets iron/blood transfusions fairly regularly, very low energy levels. She is eating some nightshades and gluten which I’ve advised her won’t be helping the Ulcerative Colitis. Could you make some recommendations for her please? She weighs approx. 80kgs.

3. I have two cousins who have been put onto Statins and they seem to think they need to be on this medication permanently. My understanding is that Statins poison the liver’s capacity to produce cholesterol, and if a person is on this medication long term they run the risk of developing Alzheimers because the brain needs the healthy cholesterol. Could you give a short outline that might help me convince my cousins they need to get off the Statins please?



Good night doc. Recently I have been feeling a pulsating nerve at the base of my right hand palm. Or it could be the blood flowing in the base of my palm. Not sure. This is recent. I also use the computer alot. Could this be related? Or could it be something else? Thanks very much.


hello Dr glidden.
I have Insomnia. I fall asleep easily but wake up at 3 am and can’t go back to sleep, on average i get 4 hours of sleep. I also have chronic pain in my left heel and I can’t walk barefoot on hard surfaces. I think it is bone spur and I don’t want to go to an MD. After reading your book, I started taking 1 x Healthy body starter pack powder, 2 x plant derived minerals, 2 x osteoFX powder(liquid is not available in Australia) . I’m on week 3 now and still haven’t noticed any improvement. please tell me if i am on the right path, and if I should change or increase my supplement intake? besides medical nutrition, do you suggest any other type of wholistic medicine for my insomnia? I am 150 lbs, 32 years old, eat healthy and avoid the 12 bad foods. Thanks



Joanna, 33 years old, 125lb, varicose veins and excessive hair loss. Taking Healthy Body Start Pack 2.0 for 6 months



What causes low glutathione levels and what can be done to increase level? Does this have anything to do with underactive thyroid? Could this be improved by diet or the supplements? About to start my supplements tomorrow.



I have been taking Nystatin for 6 months now for a systemic fungus. Would your OTG Healthy Start Pack 2.0 possibly resolve this issue?



More questions on gout. The 59 yr old man cannot take the Osteo FX because shellfish are used, unless you have different information. What calcium would you suggest? And would adding the Cardio Stix clean out the Kidneys faster ? Or is that unnesscessary? Many Thanks



Celeste from Glendora here - My 4-year old daughter recently had her yearly physical and with that blood drawn. I received a call today saying her cholesterol level is "slightly elevated". Her level is at 178; the nurse said 170 is the cap for normal and wants to give me dietary recommendations for her. How would you recommend I handle this. LOL



Hi Doc...Alexis here from Dallas....why do some people experience a burning sensation in their stomach after taking the plant minerals?


What do you think about the using the Cardio Stix, too? Thank you!!!!



Littleton Bob, Client with Severe Aplastic Anemia, as always, thanks a bunch / PS: Try call blocking !