October 9, 2019 Morning Live Chat Q&A


My mom has been recovery from diverticulitis surgery and colostomy for the last week at home. I was wondering when she can add back supplements to her daily routine, she is concerned about heartburn/upset stomach that the supplements could cause her in her situation. Thank you.
P.S Not sure if you know about this but the grocery store Aldi has a wide variety of cheap gluten-free products that taste pretty good just wanted to share that with you.



Good Mor ning Dr. G...Linda Allen here. A nutritionist told me the maltodextrine in original Tangy Tangerine "destroys gut bacteria balance and feeds bad bacteria. She said it promotes growth of salmonella and e-coli...causes bloating inflammation and leaky gut." I know ours is from non-GMO corn, but is it better to avoid it?



Good morning Dr Glidden! Youngevity is out of the Osteo FX and doesn't have an eta for its return. Can you please recommend another calcium/magnesium supplement until Youngevity has it back in stock?

Also, what oils would be the safest to use for massage. I am a massage therapist and need to use oils... is organic jojoba a good choice? Thank you!


We found duck fat spray (in an aerosol can) at the grocery store the other day.Are there any concerns using this which may be similar to using oils in a bottle? Or is it about the same as using lard?
Thank you!!



Hey Doc, since last update Randy has improved again and has been working slow and steady for the past few months. Symptoms come and go but he has not been down for weeks at a time. Still on the program you put him on. However on Saturday he got a pretty bad allergy attack and that night he started feeling dizzy and off balance when he walks. If he looks down he feels like he wants to pass out and at times nauseous. That has put him down ever since. We’re guessing its vertigo. Thoughts on what he should do. He’s never had vertigo before.



I am still being plagued by leg cramps in my sleep and I was convinced that it was a Mg problem although I really couldn't justify that because I take my 90 regularly. I have been trying to take extra magnesium with mixed results and then I had a thought. If it was a Mg problem then why can I stop the pain by getting up and walking? How would I be getting more magnesium that way? Could the problem be with my lymphatic system getting clogged and when I put pressure on the muscle it opens the channel? I have a rebounder and if you think that I'm on the right track would it be better to use the rebounder just before bed or when I get up?



Angelo 2 years old, 24 lb, diagnosed with small fat- containing midline ventral hernia 9 x 11 x 2 mm. Can he be cure naturally to avoid surgery?



Samantha who has M.S. is excited to come meet you in Indiana. she has been on brain & heart, immortalium, pdm, enzymes for only 1 month . Wants to wean off of Baclofen (120mg.'s), Celexa(20mg.s), Detrol la(4mg.'s) and Vyvanse (60mg's) Will she eventually be able to get off of any or all of these in time? Max. dose for Baclofen is not to exceed 80 mg.'s so she is mad at her dr. and rightly so. Baclofen is muscle relaxant, celexa for mood, detrol la spasmotic for bladder and Vyvanse is amphetamine. She has been on these med.'s for 15 years. It's her birthday today. thanks for all your great help you give all of us. Looking forward to hearing you speak.


At nearly 70, and had radiation for prostate cancer earlier. Approx 5 years of Lupron injection, after Dr Glidden made me aware of dangers. Recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Kidney disease. I am looking for alternative to Lupron treatment to keep PSA levels in check and not further damage kidney functions. Dr Glidden mentioned Colleen Kerba (spelling) that might assist with alternative treatment and how to locate experience in this field. Thanks



one of my FB friends wants to know the protocols for Post-menopausal systems, she is healthy and not sure about her weight, may be around 150 pounds; from Michigan



Littleton Bob is in the House, It's the president calling - He wants you to be the new Secretary of Health !

What can you tell me about "SMA" Spinal Muscular Atropie ? Sorry about the spelling !



Question from Ruth ......Hi Dr G, Thank you for all that you do! Have a question for a 59 yr old man, about 250-260 lbs. Has extreme gout responses to any organ meat, or hamburger with organ meat, shellfish etc. Joints will swell, extremely painful, stiff. Has an RX for Allopurinol. He is starting the 90, with Projoba Omega. In your book, pg 167, you recommend Selenium, GH Kidney and Bladder, Cell Shield RTQ and i26. Checking with you today on the dosage of GH Kidney and Bladder, is the i26 is optional and is Cell Shield only for when an attack is occurring, and do you stop when the attack resolves? Thank you!

Also, I don't think he can take the Osteo, with the gout issue, due to the calcium source. And would the cardio stix speed up the kidney arteriole clearance, or is the GH Kidney and Bladder enough?


Celeste from Glendora - Hello! My family is wheat/gluten free. I'm always searching for new items that will work well for school lunches or quick snacks. I have recently been seeing the term, "No genetically engineered ingredients", on some packaging where they also claim to be gluten free, but contain oats or barley. My question is does the, "No genetically engineered ingredients" make a difference for qualifying oats or barley as gluten free? I believe there was a time, long ago, when wheat could be consumed without the problems we see today. True? Or no.