October 2, 2019 Live Chat Q&A


Hi Dr. G – Kimberly in Keller. I have a friend with a baby who has just been diagnosed with Brachycephaly, so his head is not “normal” round. The docs are recommending a $2,700 helmet to be worn 23 hrs a day for 3-4 months – and of course they say there’s no guarantee that his head will be “perfect” after all that! What would be your advice? THANKS!!



Hi Dr. G. This is not a question but a request. Please watch the you tube video called "Oh Canada We Stand on Guard for Our Children." It's about Vaccine hesitancy and is very well done. They are trying to make vaccines mandatory here in Ontario and we are fighting that that doesn't happen. Thanks



sleep issue wake up after about 3hrs elimated bad foods on bynd osteo fx, btt2.0 tabs efa's plant derived min. alergy\ asthma issue sneezing starts runny nose then cough itchy roof of mouth and ears constant clearing of throat cuz of draining at the back of throat. strong smells, chesting cold affects and triggers cough. What more do i need to take.



Greetings Doc; Long-time, no-chat. Hope you and all yours are doing well. Your thoughts are most appreciated: What do you think of using Collagen (types I, II, & III) for helping to recover from, say, a strained shoulder? Gratefully, Paul from Alexandria



Hi Doc – Gena from Poughkeepsie here, hoping all is well your way today. Is it possible to be weaned off of a diuretic once your body has become used to it? This January will mark three years since I began taking Furosemide for (mild) congestive heart failure. Whenever I skip a dose or two, my body definitely retains fluid. I used to take 80mg twice per day, but it was reduced to 40mg twice per day as it affected my kidneys when I was last hospitalized for infections. If it is possible to reverse my dependence on pharmaceuticals, I’d like to use more natural methods of controlling my fluid. As ever, thank you so much for your guidance.



Hi Michelle Busath here from Fair Oaks, CA, Sacramento County
I wondered if you had updated the Lyme Protocol.



Hello Doc G. (Kim Frey) I need some advice on products for my sister-in-law. She is 6 years out from diagnosis and treatment for Glioblastoma. MIRACULOUS I know. Three years of chemo did a job on her brain. I was thinking of basic 90 and perhaps synaptiv or renuIQ? Of course we are concerned about activating any cancer left.



What causes hardening of the arteries, and how do we prevent this from happening?



Completed Radation treatment years ago, 3 yrs PSA scores climbed. began Lupron to keep in range,possible continue. Added Selenium and Prostate to Start Pack.



my mother is about 89 years old. she ikeeps pointing her finger to the wall and most of the time especially in the morning talking to herself.she did not take not of the products.




Hi Dr. G, You may remember me telling you about my daughter, who 16 months ago had large benign brain tumor successfully removed 15 days after giving birth. She has several smaller tumors remaining that they are monitoring for growth. She is 21 weeks along in 2nd pregnancy and is it safe to have MRI with contrast to brain at this point in pregnancy? Thanks for your input.



Can you tell me what effects sodium thiosulfate has on the body.



Littleton Bob #2 Please check out "The Highwire" resent webinr "Calipharma", his is an excellent resource for vaccine info / #3 Do you know about Vitamin "K2-7



Gena from Poughkeepsie again. Thank you again for your guidance. Just wanted to say that I LOVE your Attempt A Cure book and I'm planning to give copies as gifts. It's sheer gold! Also, what was the website you mentioned that was something like "Natural is Best?" Thank you!