Health Q&A: February 11, 2019


Question : Doc: What is the difference between Liquid Glucogel, Glucogel Plus (liquid) and Glucogel capsules? And is there a difference which one uses? Thank you!


Question : I have food poisoning since last Saturday and still have it. I have bad stomach cramps and diarrhea as a result. What is your recommendation for that, what kind of food should I eat and what to drink to replace lost fluids and electrolytes? Many thanks.


Question : I am on home hemodialysis every other day, so it makes no sense to take supplements before dialysis on those days because they all get pulled out. I take Mg & Zn & 5mg Folic Acid immediately after dialysis. I have lost lots of weight and now weigh just over 50kg (115lbs) have no muscle tone left and can barely walk. My veins are all popped up and it is hard to breathe. I have a very hard time sleeping. I'm on warfarin because I have a mechanical heart valve, but apparently, I have calcium in I have calcium in all my arteries and that caused me a "heart attack", they put in a stent but the one I already had was so calcified they could not clear it out and now we're considering major surgery for the heart / bypass as one aortic valve is completely blocked. Before I started on the Youngevity supplements below I was going to the toilet regularly, now I wake up in the middle of the night once or twice and have to go. Mostly very hard to go, but once in a while a small bout of sudden diarrhea.
I am taking the following Youngevity supplements – not at full dosage:
Healthy Brain and Heart Pack – Tangy 1 scoop per day, Selenium 3 per day, Ultimate EFA 2 per day, EFA Plus 2 per day, OsteoFX not taking at the moment

Niacin Plus – 1 per day
Ultimate Daily Classic – not taking at the moment
CardioSTX – not taking yet

I got quite sick when I first started on the Youngevity supplements, so I was advised to back off on the dosages.


Question : Dr. G  What is the difference between Fat, Saturated Fat, and Transfat? Why does saturated fat have a bad reputation? Thanks!


Question : Good evening Dr. G.,
I have a friend of mine in his early thirties who has recently gone through some pretty significant stress/transitions in his life and is motivated to get his health on track. He is 6’3” and weighs about 289 pounds. I know he desires to lose weight. He also has been dealing with high blood pressure, anxiety (he takes meds for both of these conditions) and a rare skin condition called idiopathic nodular panniculitis which has been very uncomfortable for him. He also has a pretty significant lack of energy and still is under a pretty great deal of stress with his work, family, etc. I would appreciate your assistance in developing a program for him. 

By the way Dr. G...I was curious...what is your favorite type of breathing exercise for your own health/well-being (if you do have a favorite)? Thanks a lot Dr. G!


Question : I few weeks ago we asked for help for Maria - for numbness in hand. You suggested an EKG and a AK chiropractor. EKG was normal and she had 4 sessions with the chiropractor. Her condition is getting worse. Here’s what she says…” Both hands are numb & weak left hand worse than right one; left arm becoming stiff feeling when I try to lift it up I drop things. Legs are feeling weak - left on is worse. Taking HBSP, Projoba Omegas, PDMS.


Question : Had the laproscopic hysterectomy (for uterine cancer) on Wed but because of bleeding and uncontrollable blood pressure surgeon made the decision not to try to get to any lymph nodes. CT scan on Mon had not shown any cancer outside uterus but did show a cyst on right kidney which they said was normal and most people had them. Could this cyst be the reason my blood pressure fluctuates do drastically?


Question : You've said eggs are high in Omega 6s; what do you think of the eggs produced by hens fed a high Omega 3 diet? What are the numbers which would force a patient onto kidney dialysis and what number, for a patient already on dialysis, would give the patient the ability to comfortably get off dialysis? It seems once on dialysis you never get off and so most people are reluctant to start in the first place.


Question : Should you increase Omega 6 if you are resistance training? I'm an ex Dialysis Nurse and you are right about the patients' diets. I've seen patients eat a whole bucket of KFC while they are on their treatment.