Morning Q&A: February 13, 2019


Question : Hey Dr. G!! Getting ready to start a liver detox, my Question is, why in you recommendation of the good herbs you chose Anti Oxidant response instead of the Liver and Gallbladder Support. The Write up on the Liver and Gallbladder support was excellent. I especially paid attention the long write up you gave to the Turmeric Portion.


I have decided to save money and schedule a consult with you sometime over the next several months regarding myself ...So my question today is on behalf of a friend who had prostate cancer 2 yrs ago and had the radiation beads implanted in prostate, then had I think 25 topical radiation treatments. He has started having pain in prostate and lo & behold the cancer dr. has diagnosed him with prostatitis which he was told most men his age have it!! I told him he"s having the pain because of inflammation caused by the beads. He takes Aleve so is there something natural he can take or do for the pain?


Question : Hello Dr. G! What can be done for “mild widening of the scapholunate space”? My husband injured his wrist skateboarding 20 years ago. His pain came on about a year ago and has affected his quality of life. He has a hard time doing tasks around the house and hasn’t been able to work as he is in the computer industry by trade. Is there any help for the ligament? Should surgery be considered and is it helpful? Thank you!


Question : good morning doc. Would like to ask if you would be able to do a webinar on the appendix. Be interested to learn why the MD don't think we need one. thanks keep up the good work.


My dad has high blood pressure and I watch your webinar video about HBP and we’ll start with the program you described; however, my dad also has a couple of other issues and I wanted to see what else we can add. He had prostate cancer over 20 years ago and recently he’s been hospitalized twice for severe blood in the urine. The dr. told him he has radiation poisoning from the radiation treatment they gave him for the cancer which weakened his prostate.

They prescribed medication which will strengthen the prostate which costs $1000 a month and insurances pays a little less than $300. He also has been on warfarin since this prostate cancer as he developed blood clots in his legs while in the hospital. Are there a few other products he can take to help with his prostate issues? Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have found you!!


Question : I am very concerned about fluoride after seeing the ADD/ADHD video. I also just read that Tea has a high level of fluoride. I wanted to know if there was a difference between the fluoride in tea vs the fluoride in our city water systems


My white blood cells are low...not too low. What do you recommend? I take the 90, plant mineral and selenium. Most of my diet is vegetable. Age 48 weights 115. My dr thinks I might have infection. How do I even know if I have it. I am also taking raw garlic every day. No gluten. Breast cancer survivor.

Question : Dr. G., Theres a constant burning, stinging & like fire sensation down both legs; I do Egoscue - postural therapy which helps with degenerative disc & take NP Thyroid. What else should do or take @ 48 yrs old? Separately, a ladies bones won’t heal even with a bone regenerator machine; why? & what to do & take?


Question : Hi Doc. Are lead particles in the air at indoor gun ranges a problem?