Health Q&A: February 18, 2019


When using Plant Derived Minerals and Selenium in grey hair, what is the purpose for the Selenium? It is turning my hair yellow with a tint of orange. My wife, who is a non-believer, is calling me Trump.


Question : Doc: Thank you for doing what you are doing! It is much appreciated! What kind of mouthwash would you recommend to support growth of gum tissue? What do you think about fluoride?


Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, this is Jamie C. I spoke with you on January 30 th about my thyroid. You said to start on PDM, BTT, Omegas, Beyond Osteo, Ultimate Selenium, Good Herbs for hypothalamus. I have been doing that. I also had my blood drawn to check the T3 and T4. My Free T3 was 2.1 my Free T4 was 0.28. I was wondering if I should start HGH for the tyrosine, because I don’t think I’m taking that. Do I need to start taking a liquid iodine, if so what kind? I currently taking Iodoral supplements in a t I currently taking Iodoral supplements in a tablet form. I’m also very depressed. What would you recommend for that?


Question : Hi Doc. Which is better; the liquid gluco gel or the liquid gluco gel plus?


Question : My daughter has Marfan Syndrome. Her BMI is around zero for here height and she's not gaining weight so can't do heart surgery nor rods for scoliosis. Small appetite- throws up when pushed to eat so MD installed an NG tube and we try to feed her 500ml of Peptamen Junior 1.5 - Peptide-Based Complete Nutrition. (Haha!) Now they want to install an NJ tube directly into her intestine to get 1000ml to up her calorie intake. NJ installed under imaging which I'm NOT comfortable with due to radiation.

PS. I'm a new subscriber and first chat session.


A friend would appreciate your recommendation.

• 70-year old female

• Tired and ache, Hands and feet hurt

• BP 116/68

• CT scan indicated scattered atherosclerotic disease of the abdominal aorta

• Calcium score 335

• Moderate to extreme plaque burden

• Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

• High cholesterol with undisclosed numbers

• Hypothyroidism with Hashimoto’s Disease

• Dr. wants her on Lipitor & Plavix

• Dr. indicated he may have to amputate her feet or legs sometime in the future due to unidentified blockages.

What should she do?


Question : Hi Dr.. G, I started following your program for the heart with the 90 essential, Niacin plus and Good Herbs heart support. I am noticing a difference with increased energy levels. My question is: When I started to take the Niacin and Good Herbs, I had to urinate every 12 minutes. This went one for a few days. I did not increase my water consumption. is there an explanation for this? Thanks


Question : My stomach growls sometimes but only when i lay down. What could be the cause of that? Also I take digestive enzymes occassionally. Also I am unable to listen to your Q&A on Wednesdays because of the time. Is there any chance you will change it to a time during the night?


Question : MALE AGE 70 WITH ED - can get an erection a little bit but cannot sustain . NO OTHER HEALTH PROBLEMS . IN GREAT SHAPE EATS SUPER CLEAN . NOT ON THE 90. BEST PROTOCOL TO HELP HIM WITH ED? HAS 150 $/month TO SPEND


Question : I have a friend who had bypass surgery in November. She is doing rehab. At rehab her pulse ranging 116-129. What is considered high blood pressure. She is 70 Her blood pressure is at 140/90 at the end of rehab session. They are hinting she needs a beta blocker. She got home and tested BP. 132/90. What is considered high BP