Morning Q&A: February 20, 2019


Question : Hey Doc: What causes leg cramps? Why mostly in the legs? What to do about it? Much appreciated. Thank you!



What's your take on the Zona Plus blood pressure thing i see advertised on tv?

Does deep frying in lard create the same cancer causing molecule that frying in oil does?

How long does it take for the villi in small intestine to repair itself after stopping gluten?



I hope you're keeping warm and not snowed in. My grandma was diagnosed with a malignant tumor on their throat which started at her voice box. They are doing chemo and radiation right away as its aggressive (near nerves and carotid) and don't want to do surgery as the surgery would be risky. What product can she use to help to increase her ORAC score. I know of the ZRadical, ocean's gold and BTT 2.0 tablets. Should she take some of each or are there others that would be better?



Question : Thank you for all of your hard work to promote wellness to those that have the incentive to change!  Is Safe Catch brand tuna really safe?  I've stayed away from tuna for many years, but recently decided to revisit this topic.



Is it OK to take the EFA plus (3 times a day) and the Projoba Omega (3 times a day) for life?



Question : What causes sensitive teeth and what can you do to correct it : this is a problem that one of my down line has. The dentist told her to purchase toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Your suggestions?



Question : Hi, Doc, … male 90 years old from Cape Verde islands, 100 lbs, 5´ 3”, had a stroke 6 months ago, affecting his speech and movement ability, but recovered, just after tests has been discovered cancer in the gallbladder which is spreading in the lungs and the brain. How could we help him to support his body ! Thank you for the great work!



Do you have any knowledge or opinion on the Multiple Wave Oscillator invented by Georges Lakhovsky in the 1920s. Thanks again!!