Health Q&A: February 25, 2019


Question : Please recommend a protocol for woman age 45, 165 lbs with parasympathetic nerve damage, possibly contributing to spontaneous bouts of crying and listlessness. all exacerbated by car accident last Oct which caused Concussion with no loss of consciousness. Chrio's diagnosis - Cervical Segmental and Somatic Dysfunction, Sprain of cervical ligts, Cervical Strain muscle fascia tendon, Cervicalgia, Muscle spasm of back, Thoracic Segmental & Somatic Dysfunction also with PTSD from extreme clima with PTSD from extreme climate change. Also experiencing Sinus pressure, along with a sense of needing to 'bite down' she says this seems to bring some sort of relief.

Question : Hey Doc: What is the best way to treat a skin tear from a fall? Thank you Dr G!


Question : Hey Dr. G. I have a friend who is allergic to lemons, but not oranges. If they are not allergic to the citric acid itself, what could it be?


Will you please explain the relationship between Copper and Ceruloplasmin? I understand that the liver produces Ceruloplasmin and that is what allows the Copper to be bioavailable. How can we support the production of this protein? Does L-Methionine have any role in the process?


I have a client who is 77 yo, female, relatively in good shape. 5’6” 130 lbs. She’s had colitis all her life and 6 years ago she had her thyroid removed. I asked whether she had the 4 glands of her thyroid removed as well and I did not get a straight answer.

She is taking Synthroid (I do not know the dosage) and her TSH result is 0.200 (Alarm 0.340.5.600) (the results were emailed to me this morning). I suggested to ask her doctor to prescribe to her Armour …I’ll see what she does. She recently became my client and I started her off with 3 bottles of plant derived minerals per month and to stop eating the 12 bad foods. So she is taking 3 ounces per day and she started 3 days ago. So the first day 1 ounce, 2nd day 2 ounces, 3rd day 3 ounces and tomorrow 3 ounces until she runs out. I expect her to start ordering more product and I’m thinking to propose her the following:

2 healthy start paks/month

2 bottles of Selenium/month

2 bottles of Osteo FX/month (She has heart burn consistently)

2 bottles of CalToddy/month

3 Bottles of Gluco Gel Ultimate (240 Capsules)

3 bottles of Plant Derived Minerals

Plenty of salt with her meals

Doc am I on the right track. She wants me to help her and I get the impression that budget is not a problem.

Thank you and keep up the great work.


Question : 53 years old, male, no meds ever, 5’ 11”, 155 lbs (A couple months ago I lost 20 lbs eating less for about a month), Weight loss stopped now, consuming healthy start pak + add ons for a few years. Mostly avoid 12 bad foods, but eat organic corn and some products have soy. The problem I recent took on in the past month or so is super dry mouth and eyes, particularly when I sleep. A couple weeks ago experienced a few occasions of heart rate increase and a bit of arrhythmia. The dry mouth and eyes remain. I’ve never had that in the past years. It’s new. Update on thins since our consultations years ago, My wife Jin Min has never had her Hoshimotos return, daughter Sophie has healthy eyes, Mom Mitzi hasn’t had any event of cancer returning.


Question : In less that 2 months....Hello just wanted to send some information regarding my last bloods basically my blood sugar levels are with in the normal range for 3 weeks ago being told I was pre type 2 diabetes my insulin glucose test was normal my cholesterol was 5.7 down from 6.5 the lowest it has been in 20 years I have lost 7 kg my blood pressure was 142/89 with is the best it has been in years I have changed my diet with has been a great help but the other improvements I put down to your (YGY) products not sure what else in can be lots more work to do but things are looking great regards craig FROM ANAT in Israel: I decided to go for a process of eliminating everything and then adding them one at a time for 2 days. Immediately when I stopped all supplements, the itch/rash disappeared.

When I added the minerals (the last) it recurred. It is obviously the minerals. Initially I consumed, as directed: 60 ml, however I found my supply ended before I received the following shipment. So, for a few months now, I reduced it to 30 ml. I can't tolerate this amount either. By mistake I caught myself adding the minerals (10 ml) instead of the liquid Osteo Fx (they stood next to each other in the refrigerator) and my body reacted with an itch. Obviously I can't consume the minerals. Something in the product doesn't work with my body. What do you think?


Question : Hey Dr. G. I spoke to you through Brenda last week regarding impending oral surgery to remove two molars and eventually get implants. You recommended, per month, 2 Plant Derived Minerals, 2 GH Bone and Tissue Support, 1 Gusset Bag of Beyond Osteo-fx Powder, 2 BTT Tablets 2.0, 1 Ultimate Gluco-Gel (240 Capsules) and 2 EFA Plus. Brenda said I should ask you if I should replace the GH Bone and Tissue Support and EFAs with Projoba Omega and GH Circulatory. 6' 182lbs.


91yr woman, about 85 lbs. Started out very itchy (inside) lip. Then hands and feet very itchy and both peeled. Lip, now inside and out, VERY itchy, and outside of cheeks becoming itchy. MD gave prednisone a month ago. MD now has no further suggestions. Sounds to me like Hand Mouth and Foot disease which has been going around. This lip issue has lingered 2 months. Itching is intensive and constant.

What do you recommend? Many thanks for all you do

Question : Hi Doc! Do you know any more information about Wilson's Disease or heard any feedback from those that have asked in the past?