Morning Q&A: February 27, 2019


Question : Hi Dr Glidden, I think i used bad make up on my eyes and now my eye is swollen and all red inside and some white discharge coming out. How can i treat it? I was thinking Argentyn 23?
Also, there is outbreak of measles in my daughter's school and they are telling me to get my daughter vaccinated immediately. (she didn't have last vaccine for MMR) I refused to do so but would like to know how can i protect her if possible. & if she gets it then what would be best way to treat it? she is 5 years old



Question : Hey Doc: What to do with a wart? Thank you!



Question : Hi Dr.Glidden... I became cancer free last Oct. 2028 after been diagnosed with DCIS in Oct.2017! Refused all conventional treatment, did b17 protocol and 8 cups daily Pau D'arco herb. I was taking selenium 200mcg daily but after losing half of my hair i stopped it! Plz what are the selenium dosage and all other supplements dosages. I’m doing b17 500mg 4 times daily. Thanx

I was taking Selenium 200mcg 4 times daily for nearly 9 months with b17 protocol but stopped it after losing half of my hair! I think i was taking the wrong dosage! Plz Dr. Glidden could you kindly tell me what’s the right selenium dosage for DCIS breast cancer patient and d3 , vit c dosages. Thanx



Question : hey doc, Monday, somehow you had me tagged as living in Lehigh Acres.
Just to let you know: I'm still in North Fort Myers. Lehigh is close to me but the lifestyle is as different as night and day. North Fort Myers is pure country living whereas Lehigh is (yuck) Suburbia.



Question : Dr. G., Thank U! The Ultimate Selenium has helped alleviate burning & stinging in both legs. MD diagnosed venous insufficiency. Ultrasound Doppler on veins is ok. Next going to my chiropractor. There’s also a heaviness, prickling & pinching sensation in both legs. What do I take for it?
My husband’s X-ray states phlebolith-rounded, calcification within a vein. , MD diagnosed Kidney Stone. Which is it? Your thoughts & what take for it?



hope it's ok to ask another question.. One night my mum felt a crunch noise in the back and that morning she got a numbness in her toe after that slowly numbness spread to her foot and to her leg then to her second foot and leg. She went to the hospital and they done all sort of checks on her but couldn't say what caused it.. She doesn't have blood sugar issue ..she had MRI done to check her back and they said that there is only some wear and tear on her disks that is normal for her age and that this would not cause numbness or anything else ..


Question: My daughter 46 y.o. caught and thinks she pulled a muscle around her ribs and has terrible pain. What should she do? Thanks a bunch!


Question : I need your help. My wife was diagnosed with calcific tendonitis on the right shoulder.
The X rays were taken this week. She was given a shot of cortisone, and now she is in so much pain, she couldn't even go to work.  My wife weighs 120 pounds. She is 47 and 5.1.



Question : the good herb kidney and bladder support did the opposite of helping blood pressure and upped it to 205/112. So, I have not been taking it. Also, for the past few days I have had tingling in my arms and fingers and sometimes legs. What can I do?