Health Q&A: February 4, 2019


Question : I was previously an electronic engineer and had to retire due to electromagnetic hypersensitivity. I now also am on dialysis. I have started on the recommended Youngevity supplements - Heart and Brain pack, Niacin Plus, CardioStx and Daily Classic. I still suffer from acute electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Do you have any advice for me please?


I have a question regarding my niece who will be turning 1 year old in a few days. By the way, this is the first baby in the family whose mother supplemented with the 90 during most of the pregnancy. She is reportedly months ahead when it comes to her development. When I go out in public with her people stand in awe. She has been walking for months now and is reportedly ahead in several parameters of child development. She is this little, cute, smart baby who walks around and dances. At times it's surprising that a human being that small could even move around like that. The medical providers working with her reportedly are pretty say the least. I will make sure to encourage my sister to send a testimonial about my niece. Anyway, with that being niece has been having some difficulty with teething which has also negatively impacted her sleeping. What would you recommend for her to help soothe the discomfort?
Thanks for doing your part in helping my niece develop as well as she has been. I really do appreciate the good work you do.


Question : Dr. G , is it ok to eat trans fat that occurs naturally in beef or pork? Is it ok to eat meat with nitrates if the nitrates are from celery? Thanks!


Question : any suggestions about how ti deal with the loss of a spouse?  Young Harris Georgia.  My husband passed away 3 weeks ago. I loved him very much so! Thanks for listening.


Hey Doc, I had food poisoning over the weekend, I felt lightheaded after having breakfast and 2 hours later I threw it up , and I had to vomit 7 more times during the day. I felt better the next day, as a result I believe I hurt my back from vomiting and whenever I cough, I feel a backache. I tried to CM cream it didn't help, today I feel lightheaded little appetite. I took my temperature to see if I had a fever or not my temp is 97.8.  How long does a food poisoning healing process take and what should I be doing right now to correct this. Also, I feel my neck can turn more quicker than it has in recent years, just not used to it moving like that, any explanations? Doc, do you go get annual physicals? if you do, do you go to another ND? Should we do the same?


Question : what homeopathic medicine will help with high blood pressure? Does Thyroid play a role? I have 4 masses.


Question : Hi, Dr G! Just want to say thank you for all your help, you rock! So I think I have a Bartholin's cyst and it hurts I saw something online that said to put PRID homeopathic drawing salve on it to help it "burst". Is this safe or would you recommend doing something different? Once it opens should I put colloidal silver on it while it heals? Thanks! Also, what does my body need more of to prevent this from happening?


Would you be the best cancer preventive to take from YG? The Z-Radical or Oceans Gold etc.? Or a combo of some products? We live in an area with radon issues, but we have an air pump that removes it, but I'm also concerned about our water as we have well water with a lot of agriculture nearby. I've stopped eating the 12 bad food and eating my veggies and fruit as well. I'm taking the healthy start pack with extra calcium, glucogel plus, selenium for osteopenia and spider veins.


Question : Good night. I told you last week my son's jaw is dislocated. Apparently, my son hit his jaw really hard when he was about 3 years old and he has had issues with his jaw ever since. He is now 18. I totally forgot about this accident. I took him to a chiropractor who said the accident would have caused problems with his jaw. The chiropractor said he studied applied kinesiology with the chiropractor who invited it. His name is Dr Richard Cohen. He examined my son and advised him to go to a dentist who would put a splint in his mouth. And then advised my son to return to him (the chiropractor) afterwards for about 2 more sessions. What do you think?


Question : Dr G Thank you for all your willingness to provide valuable health information to us. Much appreciated. You have mentioned that High blood pressure can be caused by blockage in the small capillaries in the kidneys. Is there a kidney cleanse that would help this situation?


Question : Hi dr Glidden. On May 2017 my husband fell from 1 meter height onto a steel bar and broke ribs and hurt his back. Since that accident he was not able to sleep on his left side (side of broken ribs) and/or on his belly. This morning he woke up on his belly and with big pain nearly as bad as first day of accident. What do you think that can be? Not possible that he broke his ribs again from just lying on belly? Any recommendations to get over this pain for him? Thank you.


Question : I have been diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer in November of 2017. Since then I have been dealing with severe malnutrition resulting in extreme weight loss. I currently am dealing with ascites and my abdomen is extremely extended. I have since been introduced to your products and have been taking the Beyond Tangy tangerine and fucoid Z. I've completed 2 bottles each. I've ordered more along with the Ocean's Gold and Heart and Brain pack. I contacted you back in December, you responded.