Health Q&A: March 13, 2019


Hi Dr. G. In your webinar on detoxing with the 6 day fast, you recommend taking Terra Firma among other things. That product is no longer there something that should replace it?


When taking youngevity products (Projoba Omega, Efa's) for specific ailments/disease as in your book. (Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy etc...), how long should they be takin? I'm asking because I believe I heard you say "at some point to stop taking them")


person gets headaches immediately after having anything with Stevia. Can take BTT 2.0 but any other product with Stevia causes problems . Same person gets Vertigo when Taking Osteo FX powder or liquid Also, a person with a fatty liver and enlarged spleen. What is protocol and what causes it. thirdly, did you ever look into the addendum on the Autoimmune Disease Webinar you did? you mentioned there would be a special one on Lupus the day after the Autoimmune Disease Webinar but there isn't one. person has almost passed out on plane just sitting in seat 2 times. had an episode years ago when stood up from seat after feeling like was going to get sick, he passed out and fell an

hit face on aisle floor. Thinking blood sugar and circulation issue?


Good night G. My daughter has a problem with her two bottom wisdom teeth. I spoke to her dentist who said that she may have to get a panoramic xray of her teeth. I am totally against her getting that. What is another alternative? What do you suggest?

Thanks as usual


Hi Doc. Can bacteria develop a resistance to colloidal silver?

Hello Dr Glidden. This is our first time on your live chat. my 71 yo wife Eileen has had an unintentional loss of appetite for about 1 year lost 70lbs she can't tolerate solid foods only liquids. At night while laying down (but not while sitting, standing or walking) she has tingling toes, top & bottom of feet. Extreme pain and numbness in feet causing insomnia. Fluctuating body temperature hot & cold. She is on blood pressure meds (Losartin & Clonidine) but not diabetic. What should I order? Thank you, Gary


I just revisited that webinar. It is an older detox webinar that includes 3 days of vegetable soup with protein and 3 days of not eating. You did recommend "Terra Firma.: It used to be offered by Youngevity -- I think it was a Jerry Rubin product.


Good evening Dr. Glidden, I met a financial advisor whom came down with Hep C, He is in his mid 40's 5'6" about 180lbs and he mentioned that his wife has fatty liver, any recommendations? Hey Doc, if you reduce the volume a bit it eliminates the crackling at top speech. Your techy guy!

Hi doctor...a client of mine is having a mild reaction in her stomach after downing daily 3 ounces of plant derived mineral. She's a brand new client and she's been on the product for 11 days now. She is also reporting to me that she is sleeping very deeply. According to her there is no difference in energy. At what point will her body get more energy?


It is possible that Hep C cause Lymphoma around the Aorta?


FROM Shameela Good evening Dr Glidden. With regard to “ Auto Immuntiy” is it ok to be taking the omega 6 and 9 ( EFA Plus) or should I stick to Projoba Omega 3.