Health Q&A: March 18, 2019

Hi Dr. G.

I am the Linda who moved from Kona…now in Carson City, NV. I was recently diagnosed with “atypical mole” on my forehead. Dermatologist wants to put a hole in my head…I said let’s try something else. Have been using paste of selenium and Colloidal silver and it seems lighter. It is smooth and only a discoloration. Anything more I should do? (On the 90, selenium, and extra EFAs…off bad foods.)

Also, My friend Lyle is with me. He is 82 and 188 lbs. He has stenosis which had a laminectomy procedure in the past but it has come back. Also, he lost a kidney to cancer and recently had cancer in other kidney cauterized. Now he cannot keep food down. What would be best protocol for him during recovery and going forward?


Hi Doc, 2 questions tonight and yes, it's me Harald (just in case the system hides my name again.

1other in Germany, age 90, all kind of issues, now diagnosed with cardiac insufficiency, any idea what could reduce the effects? (very difficult to get supplement to Germany, tried and failed several times)

2. I'm fighting a coughing issue since several weeks little to no mucus and metallic taste, yet no infection/inflammation; is it possible that detoxification can cause it, regarding years of continuously bronchitis in spring and fall? That stopped 4 years ago when I started 90FL. I added GH respiratory, lymphatic and circulation support to the 90FL plus the 4 selenium per day.


From Ron: Ron

Dr G, this is my first webinar. I am 225# Started 2/6/2019 with 2 scoops of the TT & 1 scoop of the osteo & 1 EFA+ and a Tablespoon of Chia seeds, organic coconut oil. I noticed my sleep was better and my stool got a little harder and my energy is a little better. Now, going into month 2 my sleep has gone back to sleeping 6 hours and stool has softened (a little more that what was normal for me) my energy is still a little better. Why has my stool gotten softer than it was originally before taking the supplements?

Question 2: My son, Thomas, was 200 lbs & over 6-8 month he went to 155. We were worried at 160 lbs and took him to a ND in MN and after the blood tests and all, the doc said there was nothing to worry about.


Update from 3 weeks ago, dry mouth and eyes, getting up 6 or 7 times per night to use restroom, higher blood pressure, heart palpitations, had just picked up new long distance glasses -2.0 / -2.5 for eye sight, lethargy etc. I discovered my blood sugar at that time was between the 400s and 500s. Entirely unmedicated. Proceeded to check blood sugar about 200 times over the next few weeks up to today along with BTT 2.0 tabs, minerals, Sweet eeze, liquid calcium, 12 EFA per day, massive green vegetables in blender, guacamole, baked or boiled meat, fish, eggs, chicken, beef, chicken soup, around 50 carbs per day, walking each day, quit coffee (was drinking a pot in the morning). Again entirely unmedicated, there was a gradual decline in blood sugar numbers up to today blood sugar between 80s before meals and around 120 two hours after meals. Lowest blood sugar in morning has been 76 a few days ago after a lower carb day. Eye sight has reversed to have new glasses useless 20/20 vision, but now need reading glasses, blood pressure around 115/75, no palpitations, eyes and mouth normal, get up once at night to use rest room, have massive energy. Male 155 lbs 5’11” Thanks for the support Dr. Glidden.selenium too, forgot


Hey doc one of these days I’ll figure out how to login etc. but I got here so what is the test or where can we order the test for T4T three that you mentioned in your thyroid webinar? Thanks Also how do you address HHT hereditary hemoragic something = nose bleed


Hey doc. My family and I have a bad cold. What is a good remedy? I have been using colloidal silver and vitamin C. What do you suggest?

I am also using Advil cold and sinus non drowsy for the symptoms. Thanks as usual


Hello Doc, Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge with us. It has been of great help to me. My question is does the quantity of Youngevity bone and joint product improve body strength? The intent is to increase volume of weight lifted over time without injury. Does consuming an additional 4 Osteo FX’s monthly and 40 Gluco Gels daily for a 200 lbs. weightlifter increase bone and joint health to withstand a 400 lbs. squat without injury? At what point does the amount of product absorbed by the body become ineffective?

Thank you Doctor


Hi Dr. Glidden, this is Mosh. I'm trying to help my 24 yr old friend. He's had foot pain since the fall and has been wearing a boot. His job requires a lot of walking. I let him sample the CM cream and now he doesn't need to wear the boot anymore. A few weeks ago his MRI showed, bone matrix edema, bony erosions, and tenosynovitis. I have a protocol in mind, but would like your input too.


How does the Muscadine grape seed extract increase lower extremity circulation?