Morning Q&A: March 20, 2019


I'm wondering if taking exogenous ketones (/beta-Hydroxybutyrate) is of any benefit? My own body is already producing ketones. I have especially high levels when I'm fasting and IF. I'm keeping my glucose levels low by eating a healthy low carb diet and as my glucose goes down my ketones go up.



Craig Rowe from Jiggi, NSW. Dr G- Good Day. I'm fasting, if I’m doing a fast from 6 pm through the night eating around 1pm the following day burning fat, taking the tangerine power in the morning around 730 am. Will the supplements break the fast or would I be better taking the tangerine with lunch what are your thoughts? Regards



Hello Dr. G!
I’ve been lucky to stay high and dry in Nebraska. I’m curious if you have an opinion as to why diseases present themselves in different areas of the body. For example, if two people have osteoporosis, why does one person have lower back problems and the other has kidney stones. Is there a known reason why this variation occurs other than external causes such as a job which requires heavy lifting, etc. Can this also be related to the chakra system? How do the vitamins and minerals affect the chakra system? Thank you!



A friend of mine had a kidney transplant 4 mos ago, she is on a limited budget. What will she need aside from the minerals? Her budget is $75.00



I'm a male 63, 5'11", 205 lbs, type 2 diabetic, have hypertension, and back pain. Which would you tackle first or all at the same time. Remedies please? P.S. Do you still do internet appointments? AND I have your book "Attempt a Cure with Wholistic Medicine"



What are the most important nutrients for improving lymphatic health, specifically in the brain?