Health Q&A: March 25,2019


Hi doc. How do you treat inflamed, clogged or infected sinuses? And what is the cause? Some doctors say that Sahara dust can cause sinus problems. This happens to me sometimes and I get a build up of nasal sinus fluid. Even my ears get clogged up. I get a lot of sinus drips at the back of the throat also


From Marc Zucher in Australia: Good day, Dr G! My girlfriend in Switzerland has a condition called Ritz arthrosis that causes pain in the thumb and knee. Any advice?


Dr G, I'm so very sorry to hear that you are dealing with some sad news today. I have been dealing with an eye issue for about 3 weeks now, following a severe cold and sore throat lasting for several weeks also. I saw a naturopath 1 week ago and he suggested I use an antibiotic ointment for my eye. The redness is gone, but the pressure behind my eye is still present. My eye just doesn't feel right:/ Any suggestions? Oh, and I tried Sovereign colloidal silver for 2 weeks before seeing the naturopath.


Good evening Dr, the pro line products in youngevity are just for addition intermittent support, not long term uses; right?


Hey Doc, it’s been a while, quick update. Randy went to see an iridologist and she confirmed his adrenals are shot. She said he was only operating at about 5%. She put him on several different things and within 5 days he was back to work and improving daily for about a month. (He never stopped Youngevity) Then he had a stressful situation hit him hard and he wasn’t strong enough to bounce back from it. He’s since been up and down and the stuff he’s on is no longer helping him. We watched your webinar on adrenals and ordered the stuff you recommended, D-stress, Hypothalamus Support and Adrenal Health in addition to the HBSP with the Projobas. My question is, considering how bad he is, is the dosage you recommended adequate for his condition or should he be taking more? Any other thoughts on this matter would be helpful. He still wants to get with you. Thanks again!!


Hello Dr G. thanks for all you do for us. Can you explain how the prostate becomes enlarged.


My name is Gerald Clayton, age 78, 6' tall, 210lbs ,male with no prior history of a heart condition; but after prostate surgery the left side of chest cavity felt like it was full of sand and i ended up with Congestive Heart Failure. My question is will nutrition correct this problem caused by a hospital stay?.


Aurelia 4 years old; 40 lb; fluid buildup in the middle ear for 6 months and hearing problem. Takes Healthy body start pack 2.0 for 3 months. How do we eliminate the fluid buildup in the ear?


Greetings from Iowa. I am a massage therapist of 16 years. Had a client recently (33 yrs old) that had whiplash 6 years ago. Every since then, if she lays on her stomach she immediately gets nauseous. She said she has never thrown up but stays nauseous for a while. Since then she has also had fatigue. Been to two chiropractors and they couldn't help her. MD's were no help either. She told me she has has insomnia since she was young. P.S. I have listened to MANY hours of your and Dr. Wallach's information and I am stumped on this one.


My dad 79, works as an electronic technician, history of HTN diagnosed at ~ 38yrs. Various meds throughout the years but last 10-15yrs BP managed with Tenoretic and Enalapril once daily. Was on statins consistently for about ten years, then infreq in 2017 & 2018 till he self d/c’d after appreciating the controversy. Has rheumatoid arthritis, decreased ROM of the IP joints, and degenerative joint disease of C-Spine seen on MRI of head done for referral for hearing devices. Became hearing impaired over the years, he says due to jack hammer use back in the day when no attention was given to occupational safety. Said had acute hearing as a child.

Nov 2018, hospitalized for first time in life with LLL pneumonia (unknown source) with coexisting acute onset of jaundice. Routine swabs, RSV, sputum specimen, etc they do for community acquired pneumonia all negative, however continued on three days of Vanc IV, Tazocin IV, Levofloxacin IV. CT abdo/pelvis nothing acute, just the known BPH.

His HTNsive meds held during first few days of admission because BP was low and HR within normal limits. Four days in, became tachy at 149-150 during light self caring activity, needed metoprolol IV push twice within an hour. Next day developed pedal edema (not his norm) and needed IV push of lasix, sent for Heart echo and USound to r/o DVT. Echo (which he normally gets every two years) =65%eject fraction and stage II diastolic dysfunction, DVT neg. Hospital started PO metoprolol and Lasix, discharged home on this (after one week hospital stay) and PO Levofloxacin X2weeks. Pneumonia resolved. No clinical symptoms however they want to keep repeating CXR q 6weeks. Dad refused.

BP has not been stable since discharge. Medical doctor said he doesn’t even know what diastolic dysfunction even is and later the cardiologist said everyone has some degree of it and since he doesn’t have heart failure doesn’t need the diuretic, kept him on metoprolol. Has since been increased from 50-100mg, then Enalapril restarted and since increased to twice a day, and then put on HCTZ, when he said prev no diuretics were needed. None of this has stabilized him. Systolic ranges from 140-180 and diastolic generally in 70’s but randomly (infreq) as high as 90. HR ranging between 65-75 but one night this week was up to 100 because he has missed his metoprolol that day.

He has been on the BTT 2.0 tabs, Projoba omega 3, additional Plant Der Min and Beyond Osteo FX liq since Jan (wasn’t consistent). Since showing him and explaining to him the health lecture on HTN, this month he started being more consistent with the above, with ham and pm doses, started Ultimate Daily classic, Selenium (6/day), Cell shield twice a day, Good herbs heart support but unfortunately the niacin is currently unavailable and backordered. He was on Herat monitor last week and was extremely irritable. I wasn’t sure if it was too much selenium and I heard you say on recent Q&A that formula is better so I reduced him to four. I am going to try and get him back to Chiro. I don’t know what else to do. Of the 12, he only struggles with bread, otherwise the rest is pretty much out of the diet.

Irene from AustraliaIn 1985 developed endometriosis.

December, 1986, had hysterectomy. In 1989 following a routine blood test, a low platelet count was reported. A Bone Marrow biopsy confirmed I.T.P. Regular blood tests (monthly) monitored the count. In 1991 underwent surgery for bilateral varicose veins and nasal septoplasty. In June 1995, platelet count dropped to 24 therefore started Prednisone. Previous to this the platelet count fluctuated with no treatment necessary. Prednisone resulted in higher counts. In October, 1995, after consulting Sydney haematologist, I underwent laparoscopic splenectomy resulting in short-term high counts >400. By the time of discharge from hospital platelets were low. In November, 1997, underwent further surgery for removal of splenuculus. This whole exercise proved futile as the platelet counts were still reduced. In December, 1998 started Dapsone which successfully treated my ITP for eighteen months. Initially the dosage was 100mg per day gradually reducing to 4x100mg per week and fornightly blood counts. In April, 2000, I developed a cold and took Echinacea tablets. It was after this that Dapsone had no affect on my platelet count even though it was increased to the initial dosage. Intermittent Intragam has been given ever since. Several attempts at Dapsone have proven unsuccessful. In May, 2001, I was diagnosed with cutaneous polyarteritis. August 2018 – underwent varicose surgery again and unfortunately developed an “inflammatory process” which stopped the N-Plate from working. My current medications are: Azathioprine (Imuran) 150mg daily, 15mg Prednisone daily, Antibiotic as a prophylaxis 320mg twice week and N-Plate. Currently I am taking the Healthy Body Start pack and Selenium. I also did Dr Joanne Conaway’s 20 day digestion protocol last month. My platelet count is currently very high and doctor wants me on Aspirin, although I hear that EFAs are natural blood thinners. Please make some recommendations using natural nutrition. Denise from Australia 48kgs 1.61m 65 yrs No gallbladder Takes enzymes

50-70% blockage in one artery to heart LAD. Below 50% in other arteries Never smoked No alcohol No gluten No dairy When she has coffee she collapses (blacks out) Diet consists of: Fruit, acid and sub acid, Veges, Small amount meat, chicken, fish, canned sardines, No oils, Brown rice approx. half cup a day Daily Classic and ProCardio FX caused breathing problems which stopped when she discontinued these products Has methylation problem


Hello Dr. G - Thank you for posting the ORAC scores for the Youngevity products and foods. Is there a good source of acai berry that you would recommend? Thank you! Hello Dr. G! My grandma in law is on her third week of radiation for a tumor on her voice box and lymph node nearby. She is doing well, but is having issues with mucus build up in her throat and can barely stand it since it bothers her to the point where she gets sick from it. Is there anything you would recommend to decrease the mucus response in her throat?

Good evening Doctor Glidden, The audio is great tonight, no worries here. My sister in law is developing stains on her forehead and cheeks, She is 6'2" 190lbs in her early 50's.By the way, I purchased a set of Bose speakers to better hear your teaching. See you around campus!