Morning Q&A: March 27, 2019

Hey Doc, I wanted to ask you about Randy’s heart. Sometimes his heart will start pounding so hard he can feel it through his whole body, even while he’s just sitting. It sometimes lasts for hours before returning to normal. Other times he said it feels as though it’s skipped a beat or it’s out of rhythm. Is this related to his adrenals or could it be something else. Thank you.



Craig from Australia wants to know what is the best antioxidant to take for inflammation?



Hi Dr. G, I have been having stomach trouble off & on the last 6 mos. What causes the gut to sound like a thrashing machine when its empty or when food hits it?  this is Rita the meter maid



21 yo male. Eats clean- no 12 bad foods. mds think he has erythromelalgia. He has all symptoms: Feet redness. Increase skin temp and pain. Your book suggests similar symptoms are related to blood pressure mechanism- calcium/magnesium balance. I started him on 90 essentials- Ultimate Classic and EFAs. His episodes and symptoms increased to intolerable. He has both genes for MTHFR. I know you talk about selenium for that. The only other diagnostic showing is that he has thyroid antibodies. His mother with MTHFR has just ordered Ultimate Daily Classic, Cal Toddy, EFA and selenium. She takes methylfoliate. What would cause high cholesterol? Client in his 70s taking 90 for life, eats well, FEELS GREAT! but his cholesterol is still at 300. BTW- his high blood pressure is now in optimal range.  The homeopathic remedy you gave me for my trauma of my mom's death worked! THANK YOU! I took the two pellets every other day for 5 days. Gave me really weird dreams as I processed through the last days of her life but it brought me through. I cannot thank you enough....




Dr. G Can you talk about bottle drink waters, distilled, mountain water, spring water, reverse osmosis, etc. and in your opinion, which is the best.



Hi Dr. G. are you going to be at the Youngevity Convention in San Diego, CA in September? Hope to see you there.



Dr.G, My MRI states L3-S1 disc degeneration & bulging; L4-5 left paracentral disc herniation indents the L5 nerve root. I feel sensations of heaviness like an ankle weight around both ankles & prickling up & down both legs. I'm seeing a chiropractor but what other doc would you suggest to help? & what supplements should i take? Could the indent of the L5 nerve be contributing to the heaviness sensation around both ankles or be affecting blood flow? Could the disc degeneration, bulging or indent be contributing to spider veins? Which brand & how much copper to take? Will the copper eliminate or diminish the spider veins?



Good Morning! My daughter is 7 months old weighs 15 lbs. She has a rash on her skin looks like exema. The rash is mostly on her chin and chest. It started about 2 months ago and there is no change in her diet from birth. It is a red color, the skin looks really dry but it must be very itchy she scratches it constantly. She has no fever, cough or runny nose. She is fed Enfamil A+ Gentlease from birth. Not breastfed. She is also unvaccinated. She takes Youngevity Kids Toddy daily. Please help us we dont know what to do next!


Hey Doc, I'm the 21 year old male who the doctors think have Erythromelalgia. There isn't a lot of research on the disease, as it is rare, but research seems to show that it could either be a "vasomotor abnormality" problem (as you spoke about) or neuropathic dysfunction. Being as there is not a consensus on what the cause of the disease is, would it also be smart to address the possible neuropathic dysfunction? If so, how would you do that. I am also unsure if my TPO antibodies (hashimotos) could be causing any neuropathic dysfunction?

Glad to hear you are doing another vaccine webinar. God bless you.