Health Q&A: March 4, 2019


Hi Dr. Glidden,

Mrs. Jaime Castelli here. I've been on the nutritional products for 1 month now for my hypothyroidism. You recommended taking BDM, BTT, selenium, good herbs for hypothalamus, and NEU liquid iodine. I've been feeling much better. My hair is not falling out. I finally have more energy and I'm not as depressed. But I had a flare-up of an acne cyst on the side of my nose. When I was on Youngevity for the first time a year-and-a-half ago I had flare-ups constantly with my cystic acne on my nose. When I went off Youngevity, I didn't have any flare-ups with cyst acne. Now that I'm back on Youngevity for one month now, I have had my first flare up with a large cyst acne on my nose that's painful and ugly. How can I balance healing my thyroid and avoiding flare-ups with this terrible cyst acne? I read that too much vitamin B12 and biotin can cause acne flare-ups. What are your thoughts about this?


Dr. G,

The students in my health class are enjoying my class. Two of them already bought your book, and the Youngevity supplements. I still have two more classes left. The class is under the impression that olive oil can't be bad for you because of the vitamins in it. Do you have any tips to make them understand the dark side of oil besides the oxidation process? They seem unable to wrap their minds around the fact that ALL oil oxidizes quickly. Thank you!


Good night doc. I noticed the skin on the side of my right foot is peeling and feels irritated sometimes. It has been peeling for a while now. I know I have blood sugar issues but when I take the finger prick blood sugar test using the blood sugar machine the levels are usually good. Should I be concerned about my foot? You also mentioned that I can use beans for breakfast which will help stabilize blood sugar. What type of beans exactly are you referring to?


Hi Doc, a friend is at the VA with what the MDs call Acites. He has a lot of water assumed in his body and they have him on a drain right now. Any suggestion how we could help? Since he is on budget, we thought about Keto for proteins and BBT powder for all the rest.


I am 63 and being diagnosed with a 4cm right ovarian cyst.. Had blood tests for cancer markers which are clear. Also found a 4cm growth on my right lower lobe of my thyroid. Also benign according to biopsy. I had my gallbladder removed 20 years ago. Otherwise have had a few lung infections but apart from that pretty good. I am scheduled for these two surgeries in the next 3 months. Have you got any suggestions please.


Tambocor (flecainide acetate) is an antiarrhythmic- can this contribute to ED ?

Dr Connaway full moon cleanse uses gh anti parasitic formula for 90 days - a) do you think one needs to be on 90 for how long before starting 2) is there a binder like charcoal or ?? that you would recommend while doing the program and does YGY have anything to mitigate "die of"


My niece daughter, aged 8 years old was diagnosed with Mosaic Turner Syndrome, growth human deficiency G6DP. Her growth is slow and MD suggested to administer growth hormone to enhance her growth. She is 8 years old, weight 17.5kg and her height is 110cm. Do you have any suggestion to help her condition. Tq


Hi Doc. Would it be worth it to buy stand alone nattokinase or is the amount in the niacin plus sufficient? Same question for the hawthorn extract in good herbs heart formula.


Last week we were looking into dry mouth and eyes and so on. I went out an bought a blood sugar tester. Apparently all the vitamins didn't cover up for my occasional binging now and again on Pizza, Ice cream, chips and snacks. I feel pretty OK, but blood sugar the first time I took it was in the 500s then about 370 in the AM. Again I don't use pharmaceuticals. I've switched to mainly a Paleo diet with massive green leafy vegetables and nearly zero carbs or sugar along with some Chromium I picked up as I didn't have any. Now today, week later it's between about 370 and 250 I've ordered the Youngevity Sweet Eeze and the regular stuff too, though I suspect I'm going to need to go with BTT tabs and liquid minerals instead of BTT 2.0 powder. It seems the powder causes a spike in sugar. Dry mouth and eyes almost gone, heart palpitations gone, blood pressure normal now. Will still write testimonials. Super Busy. I've been reasonably active to date, but have also implemented jumping on a little trampoline after meals as well as stretching and walking. Parasites? Poisoned? I'm baffled I quit drinking coffee too a few days ago. I had been drinking about a pot of coffee or green tea. I feel fantastic without it.


I begin having loose stools if I take more than 1 oz of the osteo fx per day. Brenda suggested that I also add aloe to help heal my intestines.. I'm taking about 1 bottle of aloe (32 oz) per week. Any other suggestions to help speed up the healing process for my gi tract?


I have heard you mention a homeopathic treatment for cataracts could you replete it again. Also, I have a person who was born with an under developed bladder would you have any ideas how to assist him? Thanks.


Do you have any special recommendations for teenager with autism who is overweight?