Morning Q&A: March 6, 2019

I am trying to follow a low carb/high fat diet and as part of that I have been drinking Bullet Proof coffee. I make it with Ghee and no Coconut Oil. I use a stick blender to whip it so that it's creamy and frothy. By mixing air into the coffee am I making the Ghee rancid? If so, would taking extra Vitamin E help the situation? Thanks.



The kidney and bladder good Herbs hiked my blood pressure instead of helping it like you thought it might so what else could I do?



Dr. G, I got the biopsy back on cancer surgery, it was 14% through uterine wall and they staged it as 2 because it had spread to cervix 40%, surgeon wasn't able to get to lymph nodes. I asked what the chances were that it was in lymph nodes but no answer. I have post op with surgeon tomorrow and have agreed to meet with radiologist but i am not having radiation. What is the best/cheapest way to optimize immune system and keep it that way?



what is the best way to wean yourself off BP medication? What do you think of olive leaf extract for BP?



My husband found a small mass on his left testicle, should he have it tested and what test? Anything else he should do? Thank you



Hey Dr. G. I am down to 100lbs now. 50yrs old, 5'2" tall. Taking BTT 2.0, plant derived mins, Projoba O, muscadine g, selenium & extra vits for eyes. Do you think I can absorb 50 grams of protein in 1 meal or am I wasting my efforts? I am trying to double my protein intake in a desperate attempt to gain 10-15 lbs. I feel great! Better than I did 20 years ago!



Hello Dr. G! My husband's grandma had a feeding tube put in as she will be undergoing radiation treatment for a tumor on her voice box as she may not be able to swallow. They are planning to give her Ensure through her feeding tube and was wondering if there was a better product to give her. Can she also take the Zradical through the feeding tube and if she can take a full bottle a day how often and how much each time would be best?



Yes, I've given up dairy products (milk solids). Since I have my environmental allergies have almost disappeared. I used to take generic Claritin almost daily, but I haven't had to do that in over a year. Thanks for what you do.



Dr. G,, My new blood lab results show a high TSH and a normal T4 & T3 free & normal T3 Reverse. I've been taking NP Thyroid 75mcg and 3 Ultimate Selenium per day. However, Do I need to increase the NP thyroid and/or take more Selenium and anything else that you could recommend to help nourish my Thyroid? Also, Thanks! the stinging & burning in the legs is alleviated. However, my new MRI shows L3-4 Disc Bulging and L4-5 & L5-S1 disc herniation. I take postural therapy & see my chiropractor. What do you recommend to help with my disc & to help with the prickling & pinching.
Also, what take for a high ALT level?



I am on Healthy brain and heart pack. Added gluco gel, cm+ extra selenium and liver and gallbladder good herbs. Treating a truck load of ails. COPD, Lupis, Gallbladder ache. Gluten free for 6 Mo. On Yongevity since June. Thank you very much for getting me started. My Question is I bite my tongue and sides of mouth during sleep. what am I needing. it is no fun. oh I weigh 150. And have improved very muchly since bumping into you


Dr G: You're awesome and right on. My daughter had in fact a dislocation of one rib from her spine. She found a great Chiro and is doing better. Do you have a trick to prevent hemorrhoids from getting worse? It has gotten worse from loose stools after taking Cal Toddy. Can increasing the plant derived minerals also cause loose stools? Thank you my daughter and I have hope now!



Thanks, Dr. G for explaining TSH. So, Am I taking the correct dosage Np Thyroid 75 mcg? or what dosage or no dosage should I be taking since my T4 & T3 free, and T3 reverse are normal. Thanks for everything you do.