April 10, 2019 Live Chat Q&A

hey Doc, I currently a pain on my left side below the rib cage going to the left side of my stomach. This makes it difficult to sleep on my left side. When I inhale, I feel tension on the left side of my stomach. I tried CM cream and applied it to the area but it didn’t help. I am also belching a lot too. What do you think the problem could be? what do you recommend to be free of this pain? Is this something a chiropractor can handle?


My grandson wants me to ask you about psoriasis of the head area? He heard it was uncurable. I'll be sending him this archived Q & A so he can hear your answer. As you've said, "sometimes people just need to hear it from a real "Doctor" and I've never heard anyone explain natural health better than you. God bless you Dr. G. Oh, Canada lol


hey Doc!!!!!! I have a question on diet. I currently eat mostly chicken and eggs, also some mixed nuts. Plenty of salt and butter/lard. I eat fruit occasionally and rarely vegetables. Does this sound like a good way to go? I'm also off of the 12 bad foods. Also, what's your view on alkaline water? should I switch to it?

Also, what is your opinion on the carnivore diet? just eating meat.


I have been using liquid aminos for flavoring. I have two kinds: one is made from non-GMO soybeans and one is made from Coconut blossoms nectar. I'm thinking that the Coconut blossoms nectar is pure Fructose. If I'm right is that as unhealthy as high Fructose Corn Syrup? It probably is because it tastes "real good." It's supposed to have minerals from Balnese Sea Salt. I've never heard of that.


A woman reached out to me recently to get assistance with her daughter. Her daughter is 53 years-old. She is 5'5" and weighs 160 pounds. She has been dealing with serious allergies for years. She is allergic to ragweed, mergot, rye, and various grasses. She also has a high IGE blood count and has been dealing with constant coughing and mucus. This lady's mother wanted me to reach out to you specifically to get your recommendations. By the way, Dave and Pam In The Thumb say "hello." Thanks for your time. Have a good one Dr. G!


I'm Irene from Los Angeles. Once again, I have the machine to wash my nose, it is called the savage sinus care, how many times a day do I have to do it, I also have a lot of dryness in my nose and eyes please, please tell me what to do about it. A question about treatment for warts if you put it directly does not burn your skin? sorry dr yo hablo espano but i do understand you a lot I would also like to know why you recommend the projoba a lot, every day you surprise me more you are amazing. Comparisons with other doctors do not explain anything even if you pay them and the way you explain things you are fabulous Dr Glidden.


hello Dr. G!  I am a 22-year-old woman, weighing 105 pounds and in September of last year I had two seizures while being 7 months pregnant, I had a MRI and a meningioma appeared, compressing the right side of the brain. They recommended a surgery to remove it but I would like to avoid it, however 1 week ago I had another seizure. I am currently taking an anticonvulsant and cortisone. I am also taking "90 for life", 1 a month, Glucogel 4 capsules 3 times a day, Selenium 1 capsule 3 times a day and RTQ 1 capsule every 12 hours. I would like to know what nutrient regimes you would recommend for this and thus be able to avoid the surgery. Thank you


Hi Dr. G - after having hysterectomy for uterine cancer I am not having any chemo or radiation. Cancer was 14% through uterine wall and 40% into cervix, don't know if it got to any lymph nodes. Dr. wants to do cat scan every 3 mos. which i know subjects you to large amounts of radiation. Is there another way to determine if cancer is back?


Hey Doc, What would cause a tingling sensation in the liver area? happens 5 -6 times a day and lasts 10 - 30 seconds. Been on the 90 for 3 years - 12 bad foods. 70 years old and in good shape. Thanks


How can you cook food if the vegetable oil is not good. Gracias order gluten free Mexican rice and gluten free pancakes, from youngevity did you recommend that?


Hey Dr. G, for clarification on the 5'5" 160 pound lady with the multiple allergies...since she is on the border and weighs 160 pounds, how many of the BTT, osteo, minerals, and projoba you would recommend for her?


What about if you are diabetic Type 1 for 35 years and you have for the last 6 months pains in upper hands joints and muscles? Side effects from T1D? Only some hand neuropathy for the last couple of years and skin infections on both hands on the opposite side of the palms. Female of 48 years old with no children.